RLS back with a bang after 3 years break

I've suffered terrible with RLS during my pregnancies but the last 3 years I have been free from it until a month ago and now getting it every night. Defiantly not pregnant but it's affecting my sleep and health and my work. This time I'm getting it in my hands as well and also my knees are aching constantly for the last week. When I do eventually grab some sleep the side of my legs feel tender and throb!

Are these 2 new symptoms I'm getting related to RLS. Finally seeing a doctor this Friday x

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  • Hi sorry rls is back.Dont recogmize the tender, throb feeling you are having but rls varies so much.Just checking have you started any new medications during this last month as some can trigger and make worse rls.Particularly anti depressants , anti sickness and antihistamines in some cases.good luck on friday x

  • Not had any medication for RLS as last few periods of having it I was pregnant. But has suddenly come back really bad every night for the last month.

  • Sorry no what I meant is have you started any new meds for any other conditions not meds for rls?

  • I have heard others say the same thing. I seems like it could be hormonal related. Maybe it will help find something to cure or control the symptoms. xxx Mitzi

  • Hi Kayebo, have you tried a change in diet? My experience with RLS symptoms is primarily caused by what I eat. High roughage foods (bananas, oats, beans, sometimes greasy meats) cause trapped gas. Avoiding these foods and getting exercise outside in the morning, when my body best absorbs the Vit D from the sun have eliminated my RLS symptoms. I sleep beautifully now. If I do get an RLS attack, I move the body around, twist at the waist, walk, perform a gas-releasing yoga position, drink water and then go to the toilet to release the gas or defecate. Other people have had similar positive results by changing their diet: see Canadian David Wimble’s site on avoiding inflammatory foods from Canada: rlcure.com/

  • Have you had your ferritin levels checked? After pregnancy and birth, our iron stores can be low. It might be that your body needs more iron. I've recently had mine checked and they were v low so I'm now trying to eat more red meat (with vit C such as orange juice to help absorption of iron) and take the ferrous gluconate tablets he gave me. (these are not the same as the iron tablets in the shops). It takes several months for the ferritin levels to be restored.

    Good luck!

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