I was diagnosed with pd 6 years ago I'm 67 years old .i had a neurologist for 5years and was on sinemet every 3 hours but suffered a lot

Of pain . I changed neurologist and he out me on Stalevo 4 times a day , now 5 times as he said the pain is the wearing off periods dropping too low so take a Stalevo closer .

I find when I take it I have this excruciating pain within 5 mins ,will last up to 1 hour.

Please anyone can help I'm on 1 half endone for pain .help !

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  • Hi do you suffer RLS aswell as Parkinsons .Do you now take any meds for RLS? I am not familiar with Stalevo so I assume that is for PD not RLS?

  • I m not sure if tha pain is Parkinson or nerve pain as at bottom of my spine I have arthritis , I have been to many doctors but no doctor really know what it is.

  • Gabapentin and pregablin are good for nerve pain

  • Hi shol, i am not sure you are on the right forum. This forum is for people who have Restless Legs Syndrome. There is a forum for Parkinson's. Unless you of course you suffer with Restless Legs Syndrome aswell as PD.

  • Stalevo is just Sinemet + Entacopone. This extra ingredient is an MOA inhibiter. It is used to inhibit the brain chemical that normally destoys the Levodopa once it has been used, As it were the Entacopone destroys the destroyers (of Levodopa). The result is that the same dose of Sinemet is made to last longer as more Levodopa ios available for re-uptake and reuse.

  • Just curious, but you always seem too know a lot about the medications. Are you in the medical field?

  • Hello Park4me,

    Not involved in any professional way, just interested and information is so easily accessible on the interweb. So that makes it really easy.

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