My husband has been diagnosed with Willis Ekbom Disease he has suffered for many years can he claim pip or attendance allowance

As explained above my husband has w-e-d (restless l eg syndrome.) He is now almost 65 yrs old and it is affecting his and my life greatly. he doesnt sleep and the movement of the severe leg movements keeps us both awake. we have 2 single beds now but the movements can be so violent that i hear the bed clothes movements and he is in and out of bed constantly. during the day his consentration is poor and his apearance is lapsing i have to remind him to take care of himself. CAN ANYONE OUT THERE ADVISE US WHAT TO DO PLEASE also can we claim pip or attendance allowance as he has never claimed a penny in benefits in his life worked since he was 15 yrs old. kind regards scotty dogs

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  • Hi scottydogs, from what I know restless legs are not counted ax a disability but the new PIP is about how an ollness effects your life rather than the illness itself.Thetefore it is worth applying as it is obviously having an impact and this is what you need to get over in your application, the insomnia, depression etc.Get citizens advice to help you fill out the forms Its worth a try.Is he having any treatment. I fully understand what he is going through as I have severe restless legs myself its a nightmare.

  • THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH FOR YOUR REPLY. this type of illness is hard to explain to people my husband suffers so much silently. we will do as you advise as nothing ventured nothing gained regards scotty

  • Yoir welcome.Do also ho and see your GP as restments are available

  • Sorry meant treatments available

  • Why don't you get some loranzapam they help him sleep

  • In the short term try 50mg tramadol on prescription. If you google tramadol you will find it alleviates rls and should give you a respite from this severe disability

  • PIP when i looked into it can only be claimed if you are already on disability living allowance. You have to claim DLA before you reach 65. After that age there are no benefits apart from Attendance Allowance which you can only get if you need help with getting up in a morning getting dressed, need help to feed yourself etc

  • Hi PIP is the new name for disability allowance.All new claimants now claim PiP.If you apply before your husband is 65 you could still get it

  • I have been looking at the forms as i am considering applying myself, maybe if these drugs don't work! you can claim the new PIP before the age of 65, ensure you list his illness and all associated problems that this causes, pain, depression, sleep deprivation and there sub effects, give examples of how these have affected him on occasion. I.e Sleep deprivation = lack of concentration = burnt food whilst cooking, feel asleep on bus and nearly missed my stop. I have on numerous occasions had to pull over during a journey due to cramping and ilm. Let alone the constant pain!! There is a list of activities that you must be able to complete Safely, Repeatedly, in a reasonable time, to a reasonable standard. If pain stops you even though you can complete the task surely it wouldn't be within a reasonable time( twice that of an abled person) I think there is a chance if you put every thing in. Best of luck.

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