Restless Legs Syndrome

Anyone know of contra indications for taking Duloxetine (Cymbalgts) with RLS

Saw a consultant last week for problems with the nerves in my had causing me a lot of pain and manipulation problems. At GP's tonight to find out what she is recommending and have been prescribed Duloxetine 40 mg capsules as a pain killer. They are normally used for Stress incontinence. I hate taking new meds as i am always wary of how they might affect my RLS having had problems in the past with this sort of thing. He has also given me some Losartan 100 mg (highest dosage) to go with candesartan for high blood pressure. Any info would be a big help after all forearmed is for warned.

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Cymbalta (as it is called in the US) or Duloxetine, is mainly used for an antidepressant, it's original use. It is used sometimes for nerve pain, as an off label use. It is as not known for sure if it can make RLS worse, they need more studies for that. But, I know lots of people who take it for anxiety, and it is certainly not a first line treatment for RLS, it is way down the list for even "off label use". All you can do is try it, and one of the biggest side effects from people I know and for myself was it just made me feel annoyed all the time, and even angry, which is common. I tried it for nerve pain in my head also, (the trigeminal nerve that runs down both sides of your face and for the occipital nerve that runs up both sides of the back of your head around to the sides) and I got no relief from it or any med we tried. I had 4 nerve ablations done from C2 down ( they cannot do C1 , as that is too close to the brain stem) to burn off nerve endings,. they helped temporarily, which showed my surgeon if he did the operation where they cut the occipital nerve and remove the ganglia from my left side, most of the pain would stop. That was over 10 yrs ago, and the left side of my his still numb, but no more pain. In fact, we got rid of a lot of pain that we were attributing to migraines, but it was that nerve misbehaving. I have less and less migraines as the years go on, and most of them stopped after the operation. The anti-convulsant class of meds that are also used for RLS, are also used of nerve pain, and many people report more success with them. ;) like gabapentin/Neurontin. have you tried any of those?


Thanks for the info Nightdancer. I did in fact try the med and wish i hadnt. Where it stated side effect of nausea i ended up violently sick and rest of the day felt like i wanted to throw up all the time and wehre it said may cause drowsiness i couldnt keep my eyes open and also had a blinder of a headache. Despite all that it did absolutely nothing to the nerve pain. I have tried Gabapentin/Neurontin but does not do anything for me. I definite wont be using these again.Sounds like you have been through the mill. Glad you got rid of the pain though.



I take 40mg for nerve pain and it works very well.

There can be side effects when starting/finishing the meds plus it takes a few weeks at least to see positive effects.

If it makes you tired take it at night. It keeps me awake so I take it in the morning.

Worth another try I would say.




Thanks Tuulip but dont think i can put up with being physically sick with this one. Will go back to my GP and try something else.


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