on neupro patches two 1mg patches now for about 2 weeks not working that well can anyone advise on how long they take to kick in if at all.

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  • when i went on the patches they kicked in straight away but after 2 weeks had to stop using as they made RLS go through the roof and made my life hell know everyone different and the effect of meds react differently with everyone have you asked your dr?

  • i.m begining to thank the same little or no relief about 2hours sleep a night if i.m lucky wearing the carpet away walking up and down all night and being a postie it.s the wrong time of year to have lack of sleep think i.ll have to go back to the doctors but don.t know what.s next tried most medication now hope there.s relief soon i need sleep been given sleep tabs but don.t really want to go down that road but can.t see no other way to get sleep what a lovely word that is sleep

  • Hi I was on the 1mg patch but it did not work then I went on 2mg patch it works great but only if I put them on the top part off my arm as if I put them anywhere else they don't work oh and I have to put a plaster over to hold them on! I change mine every day at 1:00 pm and it works the only thing that I am awake with now is insomnia :-(

  • The Neupro Patch if its going to work for you, should work straight away, it did for me anyway, i know we all experience things differently when it comes to meds. But two weeks using them and 2mg then i would say they are not for you.

    Sleeping tabs dont really work as they will make you very sleepy but your RLS will still keep you from sleeping. But, i would try one and still use the patch, it might work that way... Any thing is worth try.

  • When I first started the Patch it was on a low dose...needed to go up to 3. I have been very happy with the results but still side effects the next day which prohibit me living a ""normal"" life. Mostly extreme fatigue but better than Requip. In my CREATIVE mind I thought, well if dont wear it 24/7 then I can reduce the side effects. This is Ihe second day I've only worn it half the day. I have noticed a reduction in the side effects but the results arent quite as good. Tomorrow I will only take it off for 4 hours and see if that helps. Meanwhile, my sleep patterns are screwed up..ergo its 1a.m and I am up typing. ggggrrr. Has anyone else tried what I am trying with what kind of results tuvm

  • Hi, i think i have tried all ways with the patch to get it to work and reduce the side effects. So, you are not alone on that. I have gone from 1mg up to 3mg in the past. As far as the leaflet says, the 3mg should be the highest dose for RLS. Higher than that dose and you are using the dose for Parkinsons Disease.

    I take my patch off aswell to reduce the side effects. But i dont leave it on as long as you do, but i am sensitive to RLS meds and side effects.

    So, we experiment sometimes with our meds to see if we can find the best way for us.

    Taking it off, or only leaving it on for a few hours, seem to work for me. I can sleep most of the night, but wake up around 6-00am most mornings with RLS.

  • WOW: 6 a.m. is when my symptoms start to disappear. Although sometimes I'll have an attack in my uppper body. Makes me feel better to know someone else is being creative with them TUVM...i had my pharmacist reserach the shelf life etc. before it is totally out of the body. If I remember correctly it was 15 hours. sigh Happy Holidays to all

  • 2 mg are not really strong enough that's why they don't work Nick. I use 2 x 2 mg patches a night and 1/2 a Ropinorole and I get a good night's sleep usually but sometimes suffer from insomnia and I just cant get back to sleep but no rls so try upping your dosage to 4 mg a night Nick.

  • 2mg doesn't work adequately for me, but the 3mg patch applied mid-afternoon allows me to relax in the evening and sleep through the night. I was told that the 3mg patch was intended for RLS. I wonder if there's any difference between 2 1mg patches and 1 2mg patch...?

  • Two 1mg patches are the same strength as just applying one 2mg patch. I have even used a 2mg and a 1mg patch to make a 3mg.

  • thanks all for your answers off to the doctors with all the info as i think you people know more about this illness than he does he does.nt seem interested at times thanks again fellow sufferers

  • mine began working about one week later but now not working that well heard about bentzopine or horizant??