Ginkgo Biloba and Magnesium

I have been taken Ropinirole for some years having increased the dosage from .50 mg to 1 mg. However, my symptoms were getting worse which meant a visit to the doctor to get the dosage increased, something I did not want to do. My reason for this is that every so often I get a violent reaction after taking the tablet. This is in the form of nausea lasting about an hour with a need to lie down. This usually occurs at the most inconvenient time. However a friend introduced me to Ginkgo Biloba which I have started taking coupled with magnesium. As a result I have been able to stop taking Ropinirole and whilst Ginkgo Biloba and magnesium is not a complete cure it has certainly helped me and my RLS symptoms are greatly reduced. It took a few days to get any reaction but I have now been taking them for a month, fingers crossed that the improvement continues. I will try and keep readers advised.

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  • Hi alpha. How many milligrams of each do you take? What time of day do you take them? Why do you think these substances are working?

  • Whitetea asks very vital questions: the amount of Gingko Biloba and magnesium you take. Please give details.

    Also one should check Wikipedia for people with some conditions who should not take Gingko Biloba.

  • Sorry been away for a few days, Ginkgo Biloba, according to the packet (Healthspan) " One a Day - 120 mg of concentrated extract, equivalent to 6,000 mg of whole Ginkgo Biloba leaves" , Magnesium 375 mg. Both are taken in the morning before breakfast. Will keep advised. As to why these seem to be working, I am sorry I have no idea - just thankful for the relief.

  • Hi this is really positive. I wondered what dosage of each and when you take it. Sounds very hopeful xxxx

  • Hi,

    So pleased to hear your news, can't wait for you to tell us all how you are getting on, but I would appreciate more info as to the dosage you are taking.

  • Please see above Walnut32, as have just managed to reply.

  • Thanks alphalogan for the info. I'm amazed to hear about Ginko Biloba again, it must be used for various illnesses, my husband also used it for Scleroderma.

  • Update - 3 months and Ginkgo Biloba/Magnesium still working and have not taken Ropinirole at all. Must remind readers of what I said originally, not a complete cure, still have to stand several times in an evening for about 10 minutes but other than this no other problems (had to do this in any case with Ropinirole). Will try and remember to post an update at 6 months but at the moment am very happy with relief I am getting.

  • Are you sleeping well?

  • Sorry for delay, sleeping well except for normal prostrate problems for someone my age

  • Still working, no further reports unless it stops working.

  • Hi alphalogan, thanks for the update , good news this treatment is still helping you.Long may it continue , good luck

  • I know I said no further reports, however, in case anyone is interested I thought I would confirm that everything is still working well. Not a cure but certainly has reduced symptoms and getting a good night's rest. Fingers crossed!

  • I am on ropinerole slow release, which although not passed by nice, is working great for me. I had a knee replacement in november and symptoms getting worse since that, i am now on 2mg slow release and 500micograms at night. I don't want to go up any higher. I am aware now that this is probably what my mother had for years, also my two sons have it, one will have treatment when very bad the other one won't, he dosen't like any tablets. I am seeing my GP on tuesday and will discuss the vitamins and magnesium with her. I am lucky as she is very understanding

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