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Follow Up - Response from California

The other thread was getting a bit long (thanks, everyone, for all the response!) and I wanted to make sure anyone that was interested didn't miss the info. Anyway, here's the response I got from the RLS Doctor in California:

"Methadone is a serious drug that should typically be tried after failing the other classes of RLS drugs. However, when needed and appropriately used, it is one of the most effective of all the RLS drugs and is most often very well tolerated. The dose should be kept as low as possible and most people do well with doses up to 10-20 mg/day or more. However, this drug should be monitored closely by the prescribing doctor.

It does not rot your teeth (that is clearly an old wives’ tale). It may worsen central sleep apnea but not typically the more common obstructive sleep apnea problem. Although it may decrease libido, that is actually a more uncommon side effect (and with RLS controlled, your libido may actually increase). The most common side effect is constipation (which can be easily treated with MiraLax). Tolerance/dependence (“addiction”) should not occur if dosed correctly (and if patients with a previous history of drug abuse are excluded)."

So, with that being said, I think I'll give it a try (once my wife signs off on it). I'll definitely let you all know how it's going after a few days.

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That sounds like a good plan for you..I trust that website a lot..I was reading

it prior to when you posted and knew that they said that the results were excellent.

I cannot see it being worse than oxycodone..I was prescribed that at one time.

Now I am not using a narcotic..but back then, it was a life saver for me.. Good

luck to you and yes, please do keep us updated on the results. =)


Good luck to you with the Methadone. Please keep us informed ....


Good luck! and ask your doctor for some medicin for the nausea and vomiting, just in case.


Good luck!! and keep us informed....


Good luck ookla, hope it works for you and you are able to tolerate it....look forward to an update on how you are doing on it. :)


be very interested in results...


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