Restless Legs Syndrome
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Is there a link to rls and high sugars

I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and this was because my legs got so bad even with Ropinerol and my doctor wouldnt increase the dosage for me. So I read up and found that high sugars may make your legs worse, went back and insisted on a blood sugar test and then was diagnosed. I was extremly high with my sugars and i have noticed a slight decrease in my legs and have just been back for my repeat blood test to be told i need a higher dosage of tablets to bring my sugars down more. Im hoping this will dramatically decrease the symptoms as im at my wits end with it all if im honest .

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Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation makes sugars go up higher as does

pain in the body. I take Metformin to control those sugars - it's working out

very well.

When I used pain killers for RLS, my sugars stayed nice and low without much

effort. My doctor noted it as proof that lack of sleep raises sugars.

Eating lots of sugars can make the legs act up, yes. I snack on almonds

for the magnesium and Brazilian nuts also..It helps to have fresh cut

up veggies with a low fat dip for those late at night snacks.

Take care of those sugars. Eat healthy. Watch those carbs. =)

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Good job, Yikes! Exactly what I was going to say. Lack of sleep has been proven in MANY studies to screw up the insulin system, leading to the idea that diabetes causes RLS, when it is the other way around because of the sleep deprivation. There is a definite connection. Many people report this problem and it is not uncommon at all. Good answer! ;)


Ty hun, im really hoping it works, none sufferers just dont understand what its like. Ive even had sniggers wen ive said to people what i suffer from :(. Will keep you all updated on my progress x


People can be very uncaring when they are ignorant. Tell them you have neurological disorder that gives great sleep deprivation and exhaustion. As long as I say neurological disorder, I get no "sniggers". That took a while to learn for me. :) Good luck!


Thanks for the suggestion Nighdancer of neurological disorder, just might try this when the occasion presents itself.


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