Hello All, I have been taking ropinerole for just over 2 years, and for the last week I have started getting really sharp pins and needles

in my feet and hands, I was just wondering if this could be connected in any way to my R.L.S

And just thought I would share, I had a tattoo done on my right arm on Saturday and every time the needle started I got the exact same R.L.S feeling in my right leg, which was strange :) by the time he had finished I was a restless mess.

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  • I have taken Ropinirole for the past 7 years and have none of the symptoms described.

  • thank you, ffrwdwin, just another strange thing happening to our bodies lol x

  • Maybe it is the same thing as with pramipexole, after a few years you have to take lower dose otherwise the drug causes sympthoms?

  • Since I started taking the maximum dose (4mg) of Ropinorole I too get some tingling in my legs and feet. It doesn't happen all the time, mostly at night time. Good luck x

  • Thank you all for your replies, think I might mention it to my Doctor next time I go x

  • Hi can't help with the ropinirole as it only worked for a few months for me. I have the rotigitone patches, not perfect but the best and longest lasting for me. I did have some laser resurfacing on my face just over a year ago and like your tattoo it affected my restless legs very badly. The surgeon said it was something to do with the nerve endings in the skin.

  • Thank you Queenybee, I had thought it might be something about nerve endings x

  • I have noticed that a sharp prick, as with a needle, can act as a trigger and set it off. There are other triggers too, such a a sciatic pain.

  • thanks Altair x

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