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Ramsays Disease
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Cellular energy production

Perhaps the most striking clue Davis has uncovered thus far is the ability of plasma from ME/CFS patients to make healthy controls’ cells look like ME/CFS cells when stressed, and the ability of plasma from healthy controls to rejuvenate ME/CFS patients’ cells. Davis has found that pyruvate, a substance which bypasses glycolysis, and ATP – a signaling molecule (outside the cell) – makes ME/CFS patients cells look healthy again. (Warning: loading up your body with pyruvate and/or ATP could make you very, very sick.)


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Has some hope in the cell not having irreversible damage.


So many great minds working on this and the NHS still only treat CFS with psychobabble because of the stranglehold of psych theories.


Still reading thanks for sharing.


Imperative that biological research brings results or decades more psych who are now preparing for a transfer into Medically Unexplained Symptoms.

If science cannot find a biomarker then quack hypothesis will fill the void because they have the backing of the health insurance industry.


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