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MEGA Project

Investigating the concerns of the MEGA project announced at the CMRC conference on the face of it a bio medical omics project. On further inspection involvement of believers in the BPS ( bio psycho social) causality of CFS hints at recreating errors found in the flawed PACE trial.


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Reading this as a hostage situation with "bio medical omics" held ransom and demands are we trust a group that should not be if the community wants research funds.


Some of the researchers causing concern are funded by the charities actionforme.org.uk/resource...

As they were involved in PACE there must also some be doubts about credibility in advocating the patients view from such charities.


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Deleted or moved by M.E Association try this jcoynester.wordpress.com/


10,000 adults and it's secret nothing in the papers or tv reports how strange


Some Q&A with hooplah added meresearch.org.uk/news/mega...


I do know my cynicism is increasing with age but... and it's biggy when so much effort is spent on convincing me of the trials virtues I am suspicious.

Beginning a sentence with honestly often means you will be told a whopper, someone that must tell you how clever they are is often overselling because if they were as good as they say everyone could see and make their own judgement without the sales pitch.


Sugar coating the bitter pill of White / Crawley involvement with bio research so we swallow this is an insult to intelligence.

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