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Major breakthrough

In a major breakthrough for people with ME/CFS a judge has rejected a university's £200,000 attempt to prevent release of data from the controversial medical trial, that was the first to receive DWP funding.

An Information Tribunal has rejected an attempt to prevent the release of important results from a controversial medical trial.[1] The trial was part-funded by the DWP, and was assessing the value of biopsychosocial interventions at the same time as the DWP was using the biopsychosocial model of disability to help justify cuts to disability spending.[2,3]

Mansel Aylward, former Chief Medical Officer at the DWP, and a key architect of the last decade's reforms, had helped to secure funding for the trial and sat as an observer on the trial's steering committee.[2-5] The director of Sense About Science USA greeted news of the Tribunal's decision by stating that the "PACE trial is a fault line between the way we did medicine (secretive, clubbable) and the way we should do medicine (transparent, shared)" and "PACE is turning out to be the science controversy of the decade: it indicts the medical ecosystem of review


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There are an unbelievable number of T shirt slogans my favourite would be

Professor Bruce Levin, Columbia University: “It calls into question the diagnosis of an illness whose patients already rate as ‘recovered’ or ‘within normal range.’ I find it nearly inconceivable that a trial’s data monitoring committee would have approved such a protocol problem if they were aware of it.

Using Oxford Criteria the entire trial becomes amateur in the extreme.


The question of who is funding a £200,000 appeal are tax payers preventing open access to research they have publicly funded through MRC, DWP etc.


Ignored the problem but it has not gone away.


PACE as the science controversy or scandal of the decade only history will recall the existence of any competition for these titles.


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