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Support Dr Sarah Myhill

We want people who have been harmed by PACE to write in support of this complaint. You are free to use the PACE patient support letter at the end of the attached document. You could have been harmed in any of these ways and possibly others too:

• suffered damage (including physical, mental or emotional distress) as a result of CBT.

• suffered damage (including physical mental or emotional distress) as a result of GET.

• been denied disability benefits because the physical nature of your disease has not been properly recognised and/or you have been told you have a psychological condition.

• have been denied industrial compensation for your disease because the physical nature of your disease has not been properly recognised and/or you have been told you have a psychological condition.

• have been denied referral or funding for referral to a physician specialising in the biomedical approach to treating CFS/ME.

You do NOT have to have been diagnosed or have fallen ill with CFS/ME after PACE was published [March 2011] to support this complaint.

So, for example if you were diagnosed/fell ill in 1980, but have recently been refused benefits as a result of PACE [for example, for not engaging in CBT or because your illness was considered psychological) or maybe you have suffered mental distress as a result of PACE (for example, benefit applications were more stressful because your illness was considered psychological) then you CAN support this complaint. It will help our case to have as many support letters as possible.

If you feel you have even the smallest ‘case’ for inclusion then please do submit a letter of support – it is incumbent on the GMC to prove that you have not been so affected, not for you to prove that you have!

Please do email if you are in doubt or need help phrasing why you have been harmed by PACE. Please be patient – we will respond as quickly as possible. See the hotmail email address below.

Just put your reasons for supporting this complaint in the relevant section in the attached template letter ‘PACE patient support letter’ [which can be found in the attached file at the end of the document] and fill in any other portions that need filling in [all marked in red] and then:

1--email it to TStephenson@gmc-uk.org - Sir Terence Stephenson is the Chair of the GMC

2--if you can, please send your letter by post too, here is the address –

Sir Terence Stephenson

General Medical Council

Fitness to Practise Directorate

3 Hardman Street

Manchester, M3 3AW.

3—if you feel comfortable with doing so, please can you copy your letter of support to Dr Myhill at cr648@hotmail.co.uk [in the past the GMC have denied receiving letters of support and having physical copies to collate and send to them has been a very powerful tool]


We cannot engage in a running commentary on progress but will give updates as and when possible and necessary.

We know that GMC employees or people who report to the GMC are members of the Dr Myhill groups and so we do have to be circumspect.

You may feel that the letter of complaint could be improved – good!

In 15 years of dealing with the GMC, and other regulatory bodies, one thing above all has become clear: these regulatory investigations are like a game of chess. A marathon not a sprint. You have to plan 6 moves in advance and it sometimes helps your case [in the long run] to initially include what may be regarded as ‘weaknesses’ in your first salvo – this then opens up a discussion where you can tie the opposition in intellectual knots and it is then that you can hit with the killer blow.

Essentially, we are saying – trust us! Between us we have won 30 GMC cases as defendants and numerous cases across many regulatory bodies as complainants.

Thank you.

Letter download link drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/My_Comp...

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Letter download not usable without a facebook account.

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Apologies have edited the link so that everyone can access the letter template.

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A very gutsy lady who deserves our support.


Very true


You can also find the letter on Dr Myhill's website drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/My_Comp... scroll down to "Text of Template Letter of support"


Thank you getting the widest support for Dr Myhill is vital


Begun writing only its traumatic reliving some of the experiences this may take some time.


Mostly bed bound now it will need one of carers writing.


Did the Biopsychosocial beliefs school see this coming when they hounded Dr Speight or did their previous hold on power have the corrupting effect.

power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely


In the process of writing a letter but a nasty dose of that flu has knocked me back somewhat.


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