Any advice on getting optimum nutrition when food intolerances, allergies and Candida overgrowth are written about with conflicting opinions . When using healthy balanced diet has this any connection with how fit and well people select appropriate nutrition .

We are what we eat is a common theme running throughout dietary information, I am finding we are what we can eat is closer to the truth although more energy from my meals is behind my searching.

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  • A smoothie maker and foodmapping ingredients reactions such as bloating wind cramps etc keeping a record came from my dietician.

    Trial and error mostly because sometimes things change and aren't alright funny one for me was tomatoes suddenly going on the banned list this summer with salad when until now no problem.

  • Interested in food mapping concept a short term memory deficit has lost details such as yesterdays lunch ho hum.

  • Doubting a universal optimum exists as with other treatments individual tailoring of good advice makes the best of things. Partner says my balanced diet is cake in each hand ha ha that is only craving over planning.

  • Breaking food down soup stew that kind of thing if left for me stomach it just sits there and rots slowly away heartbreaker with nice food.

  • Mitochondrial dysfunction researched by Dr Myhill cause for researching supplements easing symptoms.

  • Optimum is probably whatever you can tolerate at the time. I often have cravings for something sugary as a quick energy fix, feeling quite shaky until something is eaten but the sugar rush has to be paid back later with longer downtime - chocolate for emergency energy already overdone things when doing this.

  • I have been having more success lately with stopping a moment and identifying to myself what is going on when I feel a craving, then making a substitution based on perceived problem/need.

    Example: typical craving for chocolate mid afternoon or mid evening. (I usually eat lunch around 4 pm and dinner at 9:45 when my carer comes to put it in the microwave for me and put my bird to bed, refill water bottles, etc.)

    So managing to get to the kitchen with my trolley, having the chocolate craving going, I decide to get a handful of nuts instead, which provide some protein. I seem to be someone who needs a bit of protein several times a day. I have found that after eating the nuts, my chocolate craving is gone. This amazes me as I love chocolate.

    I do allow myself one dark chocolate covered biscuit after dinner with a glass of skim milk. My carer puts one biscuit on a plate, and aside from that, I do try not to raid the chocolate biscuit packet or the Nutella jar.

    I still keep the Nutella for times when the pain makes me a raving lunatic and no amount of rational control is possible. One large spoonful of Nutella makes me human again, somehow, and I then move on to trying to get myself through the pain.

  • Associate some cravings with messages from my body and others with comfort eating. Salty things such as crisps have an attraction that did not exist when I was fit and well but chocolate in the shape of Mars bars has constantly been a quick energy fix I must fight against now.

  • It can sometimes be hard to know the difference, but I have never wanted a lot of salt, and stopped putting it on my food years ago. Now I am gradually adding it to see if it helps. I can't tell. As for chocolate, it can help, but I have always craved it anyway and like you, need to resist.

  • Comfort eating or craving I usually go with it as a good sign that appetite is working and the last food has been processed a positive.

  • Little and often or bloating becomes extremely uncomfortable.

  • Help from the guys on dieting

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