Much less active than I was hectic kept my weight down now I have read about some foods are bad the gluten thing with like allergy the bloating cramps. Sometimes eating sugary food feels good after then sometimes the food just sits on me with heartburn indigestion.

Spicy food is mostly out of the question even when I feel good only little for taste is all I dare meals get boring without some extras. Does anyone else find the change in what we eat as when has always been a problem, hectic no time snack or skip eating now asleep skip meals again.

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  • I've had a lot of problems with diet and food sensitivities too - pain in my gall bladder region and nasty indigestion was one of my first indications something was amiss, I had lots of pain eating many foods and couldn't work out the trigger food.

    I did one of those food sensitivity blood tests (cost about £400!!!) it flagged up dairy & spinach particularly. I cut those out (I have goats milk in my tea now) and the pain has eased mostly and I can eat like a normal person as long as I avoid those foods.

    My doctor prescribes me Omeprazole when I have a flare-up.

    My weight has ballooned as my ME has worsened - gone from size 8 to 18 :(

    I'd be interested to know if anyone in the community has gone on a weight loss diet? How have they got on? Did the lack of calories affect their symptoms in a negative way? I'm nervous to try as I get bad if my blood sugar levels drop!

  • Eating is a little and often thing with no fixed meal times for me. Easily digested foods such as soups provide the nutrients without the feeling of swallowing a rock that stops any thoughts of eating. Porridge made only with water is slow release enough, energy that it keeps up with my slow starts into each day.

    Gentle stretching such as chair based Pilates with little snacks and plenty of water is as close as I get now in burning calories, no more carbohydrate loading the night before a marathon.

  • Food and fatigue are close linked no gas in the tank the motors not running.

    Mitochondrial function research in cfs says the energy cells are busted how that is worked around is in the diet. Easy on the sugar Candida overgrowth is on most maps that I have seen keeping a gut health goes a long way in keeping a person healthy no quick fixes of popping a pill here.

    Allergy can make some food like poison but with all that pharma changing a life not so surprising a body kicks back.

  • Is so difficult when you cannot cook and ready meals are not healthy eating more than biscuits or cake. I have burnt pans forgetting they were on when I have fallen asleep sad when I think of cooking for the family they all loved my cooking.

  • Me too! I really sympathise with you, Sophia. I used to make a big pot of soup every week and eat it for my lunch nearly every day. I made casseroles with lots of healthy veg in them and froze in portions for later. I always had fresh salad greens available. I miss that so much!

    I can't cook now. I eat frozen dinners which is not bad once in a while. But every day it gets very tiresome, not to mention having no control over too few and not enough variety of vegetables, too much: potatoes, white rice, and additives. I usually eat Wiltshire Farm frozen meals. Some are pretty good, but lots of additives and preservatives in a good number of them.

    I try to choose the best ones there are, but not doing great on finding them, as I now have cut out spicy foods, citrus, tomato, soya, and some other main triggers for Interstitial Cystitis pain. : (

    Even if I put something in the regular oven that is a frozen ready to cook thing, I worry that I will not be able to go back and take it out before it burns, or that I will leave the oven on and be paralysed with pain and fatigue so not able to go check.

    I have had some bad accidents, also dumped hot food all over the floor and partly on myself, because I was clumsy when taking it out of the oven or something. I have burned myself, but thank goodness never badly-- even forgot to put on the hot mitt before grabbing the dish!!! Brain fog is not a good state for anything requiring awareness of danger.

    Yet I am always assessed as well aware of all dangers. I wish people would understand us when we say that we can present big hazards to our own health if we are in pain and unable to think or see properly, or if we get wobbly, stumble, become unable to move.... all unpredictable. I'm so frightened of these possibilities that I take a lot of precautions. Seems you have to end up in A&E or hospital ward for anyone to believe you are not able to handle such things.

    Several times, I've turned my microwaved dinner upside down from pain and clumsiness, then been too fatigued to make another one.

    I do keep a plastic box full of rough oat cakes next to my bed (Nairn's makes basic ones and you can get organic, I think) Always something in case I can't get up.

    Even though I have a carer now for an hour and a half a day, I have to schedule some extra time for her to come and cook something like that for me. We are working on that. I've bought about 10 different veggies for her to cut and bake in a casserole dish with olive oil, fresh rosemary, thyme, and parsley and a bit of garlic. She will then freeze the portions for me. I am looking forward to it.

  • Thanks you guys given plenty of food for thought scuse the pun

  • The ability for processing food with a troubled metabolism when there is evidence of mitochondrial dysfunction at a cellular level this evidence of the challenges a body is facing.

  • thanks, Ian... I will read that. I need to understand more. I have put on a lot of weight from being on Pregabalin now for the past 4-6 years.

  • Do all the drugs go against diets the labels say nothing about side effects changing what I can eat.

  • All I know is that several of the medications we are given for pain have side effects of weight gain. ugh... I am living proof of that. Unfortunately, many of the alternative medications have other side effects that I cannot tolerate at all.

  • Side effects are near as bad as the fix ugh

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