Weird feeling

I get a weird feeling in the back of my head. Some days are worse then other's' today's not to bad, Its' there but not as bad as yesterday It's hard to explain how It feels Its underneath my skull above my neck like a kind of pressure pain I have 3 monthly jab an sometimes self inject (because my dr wont give me them more often then that :( Its such a horrid feeling do anyone have this feeling also?

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  • Sorry this was for PA Community

  • Had me hoping for a jab that cleared cotton wool head only pressure pain reaches into more areas front/temple only clears laid out flat.

  • Brain perfusion linked with orthostatic intolerance is a discussion for doctors if symptoms ease laying down Stormchaser a fairly classic symptom.

  • I get it. I think that is the new type of headache that is different, which is referred to in some of the diagnostic info and symptom lists. I don't know what brain perfusion means, so I will now have to go find out ... what would we do without search engines?

  • Thank's everyone for answering my question I find It hard to explain how It feels Ive found all your reply's really helpful I agree budgiefriend we'd be lost without Dr google lol ;)

  • Hope you get some better solution to this. Hugs

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