Finding some distraction from pain or the limits imposed on activity which gives some purpose or pleasure that was probably taken as granted in the life previously lived.

I spend more time on photography "squireling" away memories for the winter when I am less active outside of the house and can work on things taken during the better times.

These distractions maybe something carried over or a new activity that keeps brains active within the new cage of a long term health condition.

Adjusting interests setting challenges for some sense of fulfilment each as unique as the person doing what they can when they can whilst balancing effort and feel good factor.

Any shares on distractions still enjoyed ?

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  • I crochet flowers. Done in one session , cheap, no one has to wear them , and pointless .

  • Not entirely pointless when a sense of achievement can be had because the small things matter more when large scale projects are beyond reach.

  • Yes the point is the creation rather than the finished article but I do give them away so that has a point I suppose.

  • The journey is more interesting than the destination so often but spreading happiness with crochet flowers is pretty good destination.

  • Nothing creative that gives you pleasure is pointless, in my opinion. I used to crochet and knit. Now I'm more into computer art, but I miss that feeling of yarn and needles. Maybe I'll take it up again.

  • Hi Betty. Have you tried joining them together to make doilies,coasters, rugs and blankets.You will find lots of ways to join them on the pinterest crochet sites.

    I wanted to get rid of some ugly varegated wool. so crocheted it into squares and now its a bath mat.

    Sue. :P

  • Knitting squares for a blanket recycling old garments keeping my knees warm practical more than pretty.

  • Patchwork quilt covers reminds me of Dolly Partons coat of many colours song.

  • A wonderful song. Thanks for the reminder.

  • No I think if you make it pratival then you get upset if not used. Like making cakes that no one eats. Made useful things for years, learnt my lesson. Hehehe

  • How about snowflakes on a chain for you at christmas

  • Bah humbug to Christmas . Afraid I hate Christmas , and have done as long as I can remember.

  • ooops foot in it time. :P

  • Just a little. :-) saw a sign last night that said only 17 weeks to Christmas and I felt my blood pressure rise.

  • I have a friend on face book who is xmas mad and so the rest of us get xmas pics ect all year round. :(

  • Thing is I would love to like Christmas and that is probably the problem is that I am disappointed. One of my greatest gifts to my children is to suggest that they went somewhere else for Christmas last year and both of them have now had an enjoyable experience.

  • Freedom deciding where meagre energy gets spent without disappointing by not joining in. An ordeal only pleasant after it is over for another year.

  • One son went to Poland and the second volunteered at a soup kitchen when not staying with millionaire family. Big house, loads of young adults . I cooked chicken breast and went for a walk.

  • Making terrarium or gardens in a bottle as they are more commonly known. Shop online for materials and spend hours designing for each one has a character and my first aquatic garden is a work in progress.

  • I love that idea. Now I am desperate to see some of your creations.

  • 2nd that me too

  • A search of the internet shows a wealth of information and tips for keeping green fingers occupied.

  • Must admit my ignorance on gardens in a bottle it has got my curiosity though as something new.

  • I remember those were popular in the 1970s and I wanted one, but don't think I ever did it. Would love to see photos of yours if you have the chance.

  • Since reading this. I have had a go at making a small moss creation. What I lack in aptitude I made up for with enthusiasm.

    Post a picture if you aquatic work in progress I would love to see it.

  • How are pictures added if I can put one into the computer ?

  • You have given me a much needed prod. Pleasant Distraction is everything. Man up the sheds current distraction is perfecting the perfect walking stick. He has done the research made sure he has the tools and has just received his bit of wood via the nice delivery man with a van. Now he is on a mission for skate board wheels? I know I don't really understand why either. I need distractions for the winter. I am hoping answers to your post will inspire. At present me and the radio have a therapeutic relationship. I did think I might try collecting smiles. Ie smile at strangers and see how many smile back. Mind you I the man with the whit van might come and take me away.

  • Collect smiles with a camera a cover story with a proven record of success with wedding photographers a top smile collector.

  • Did you listen to Saturday Live today. They had a feature on a lass that has started a commuter blog. Recording people she meets on the underground with a photo and a titbit of information about them.

    I fancy doing a park bench take on the idea.

    Probably won't but I found it thought provoking.


  • Mixture of photo journalist and keeping a diary of what each day brought as an experience captured for future memory.

  • Reading some research on my health some escaping into another time or place because historical settings are a passion feeding imagination and a powerful distraction.

  • Escaping into a safe place I sometimes use audio books as keeping my eyes open stops my reading.

  • A book read from i pod or phone were I not so old fashioned audio books are nothing new for teenagers.

  • Easy listening music quite often radio on low in the background.

  • Having control over the volume is a big part of my enjoyment of music a strange thing when louder was better before I was ill.

  • Colouring in adult colouring books no pressure of completion date and takes my stress away when anxiety builds.

  • Flexibility in a distraction is definitely a strong point Len607.

  • Following your lead Len607

  • I used to paint, mostly wildlife or botanical illustrations. I lost my nerve when I found I couldn't control the brush. Now I use the adult colouring books. They are a brilliant stress buster and I look forward to the day when I can paint again.

  • Been at peace with myself doing nothing it's taken time and practice.

  • Do nothing not even thinking that is certainly a challenge.

  • Ian I was so caught up with the words. I forgot to say. What an incredible photo. i still lament the fact I can no longer manage a long lense. Every so often I consider having a go at macro photography. I have lacked the discipline to set it up. Although I am now learning the art of one step at a time. So maybe my first step will be to find the tripod. Focusing down in the smaller things.

  • Having somewhere that a macro set-up could be left assembled is an inspiring idea for winter thanks nedd.

  • Printing greyscale and colour washing an old fashioned artform fun none the less in picture compositions.

  • Gentle yoga I change my routine and poses following the rhythm my body gives and keep as much flexibility as I can in my flow.

  • I have used some Yoga breathing techniques but not got any further than that with balance and mobility complicating the issue a little.

  • Own rhythm not someone else's simplifies.

  • Slow and stop are the rhythms it seems.

  • Slow and stop for me with Tai Chi

  • Crochet, cross stitch, embroydery, needle tatting and looking at what else i can do on pinterest.

    I all ready have more ideas than i will ever have time to do.

    Must leave pinterest alone and get on with the projects already started.

  • Good point mayrose54 distraction comes with some peril of overdoing things. As a group we must be among the few that a change is not as good as a rest for them.

  • A rest would be nice. Its been all go the last few weeks and had to take our daughters brat s with us. They are great really, more a help than a hinderance .

    Oh well lot of work from now on but by lunch time sat it will be all rest for a week. :P

  • Dates for diary are rest days I keep a diary each day memory of what / when blur into a general not sure if I have done something

    or not.

  • Like the diary idea carch520 most of my memory is scribbled notes of activities.

  • I love reading diarys that people have published. Not necessarily the great and good. They are a source of social history. I think for me it would be a good discipline. Thanks for the pebble in the pond that has sent ripples my way.

  • I like reading my diary fills in the blanks of my life.

  • Pacing rests are probably not optimum with a weeks rest a necessity mayrose54 though I could be wrong without knowing why.

  • I love squirrels. They are my favourite animal of all, especially the red ones wit tufty ears.

    Dearly would love to go out to a place like that. A very sweet German friend (online) who loves to go camping, hiking, and generally hang out anywhere wild and take thousands of photos, does 'include' me by sending links to his cloud site of photos.

    Once when he had been out biking I mentioned that I would so love to do the same, and he sent me two very long videos the next day. He had attached his phone or camera to himself somehow while riding so I got a sense that I was the one on the bike, and it was just great!

    I can't do music anymore (my career) but I started doing digital art several years ago. I love it. Only problem is having a lot of unfinished things that are disorganised, as when I have time to organise files and properly label them, etc. I want to spend it making or finishing my paintings. I have a website connection at Fine Art America, where my art can be bought in various forms (print on demand)

    But because I do not do promotion, I never sell anything... there is too much competition to think that it will happen by accident, even on a big art market like that. I have bought stretched canvases or beautifully framed copies of some of my paintings to give to friends and family as gifts. This feels like giving them a part of me, which is a good feeling.

    I have sold a lot of copies in virtual worlds, where I put them on a virtual object and people buy them to hang in their virtual houses, or galleries. There is a very big arts community in virtual worlds, and lots of events, festivals, and contests one can take part in. I used to do a lot more of this than I do now as my condition has deteriorated.

    Now really looking forward to getting out in my wheelchair because I have one that supports my body finally. This is my goal... to breathe the fresh air and see the autumn colours when they begin and enjoy my favourite season which is coming soon.

    I look forward to reading what the rest of you write about all this.

  • Some experiences of the real world art then can cross over into the virtual art world a bridge between two worlds.

  • Virtual world a place of safety when living threatens too overcome emotional wellbeing. Until now such a world existed only in my imagination a refuge anxiety retreated into for respite.

  • Virtual worlds contain all the things that the real world contains, both good and bad. Just like the rest of the internet, there will be a few people who are dishonest, somewhat abusive or drama queens, etc. People whose lifestyles and behaviours you may find distasteful, etc. But there are zones within which the 'adult' activity is contained, so these can be avoided if you don't want to deal with that around you.

    You have to go there with a very careful attitude about providing any real details about yourself, especially where you live, what your real name is, etc. until you are quite sure about the other person's character. Just like the real world, this can be a bit tricky, but there are ways to take a step at a time with people.

    Just like in real life, you don't send money or any kind of details, and don't engage in any kind of real life interactions until you feel it is safe. This may cause some people anxiety, but probably if they are already using forums and chat rooms and such, they should be taking these precautions anyway. virtual worlds aren't games, but they have games available such as role play and sometimes even sports (which can be fun). Many people go just for social activity, chat, etc.

    I have had mostly very happy and wonderful experiences in Second Life and in the smaller one to which I 'emigrated' after several years in Second Life. The second largest is called InWorldz. They are owned by two different companies, and the smaller ones cost less for various purchases you may want to make in the future, such as land rentals.

    There are a lot of very kind and compassionate people in both, and lots of learning and creative opportunities. However, the learning curve is very steep, in terms of learning technical knowhow to function there. But there is no rush whatsoever to learn things, and there are many free classes, tutorials, and just nice mentors and groups you can get help from--always someone around who will know how to help or know who else can help.

    This help is free, but if it is a class, the polite thing, if you are able to do it, is to give a small sum of virtual money (equivalent of maybe 50 pence or a pound, perhaps, in a tip jar for the teacher. Virtual money can be purchased via paypal or credit card, of course. It is not essential to spend any money, but most people who decide to spend time will spend some real money amounting to a few pounds a month. It's like any other hobby or pastime in that respect.

    If you have not been to one and are interested, you can PM me for more info. I am not trying to recruit new people or anything. But I have found some wonderfully compassionate people who have become my good friends over a few years time.

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