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Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings

How to define who can view your posts?

Just like you can make certain information in your profile private, there is a similar feature with regards to your posts and questions.

When submitting a post or question you have the choice between making it visible to Everyone or to Members of this community only.

Everyone means that the post/question along with the replies can be seen by both members of that community as well as visitors (whether they are HealthUnlocked members or not).

Community means that the visibility of the post/question is strictly limited to just the title and the first 247 characters for anyone who is just a visitor (whether they are HealthUnlocked members or not) while only members of the community can see the author's username as well as the full post/question and replies.

In both instances the post can be found through RSS feeds, on for example the websites of a charity and the NHS, as well as through search engines like Google. In the case of the latter though, its visibility is strictly limited so that visitors can understand the gist of that conversation without compromising your privacy. This helps individuals who are not yet members also receive support and find answers to their questions before they join the community as well.