Ramsays Disease
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Biological Evidence

Biological Evidence

Robust evidence from blood tests that provide bio-markers


The research paper for those that are short of reading material or prefer seeing the original against what the media report


Speaking of media here are three takes on the same matrial




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Plenty of chatter in the papers and we have seen that before now waiting until they are calling me in for testing has the psycho crowd worried so no bad thing there then.


Having researchers of such renown gives a credibility that has long been a bugbear of medical research in this field, how difficult it has been to get high quality biological studies like this off the ground must change in future. The amounts of money spent on research are in no way related with the economic, social and disabling effects of this disease which must be changed as a priority, the Elephant in the room is money with the first biological research funded by the MRC

(Medical Research Council) in 2011- very little very late.


Now there is the thing money when cutting back is all you will hear.


A tv report on the new research ctvnews.ca/health/chronic-f...

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Interesting report. Some of these names (researchers) have been devoted to this cause for many, many years now. (A.L. Komaroff, for one).


Professor Michael Sharpe, professor of psychological medicine at the University of Oxford, said: "Whilst this finding that some patients with CFS/ME have an immune abnormality is potentially interesting, we should treat it with great caution … This type of study [a case-control study] is notorious for producing findings that other researchers subsequently fail to replicate."


The opinions of psychologists and psychiatrists are given any credibility by the NHS when considering biological research, without any counter evidence from research because it has in common with the CDC failed those who are ill with this disease.


Not simply chronic fatigue from Mailman University


no surprises there then