15 days still edgy and anxious

Its been 15 days and still edgy. In fact got into it with my significant other last night, over something ridiculously stupid. I felt the blood rushing and the intense urge to go out and smoke, to get away and blow off the issue. Which would have been my normal reaction. This time I stayed put took deep breaths and resisted the urge. One day, one challenge at a time. So far successful.

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  • Hey Schmicter😊

    Way to go for not lighting up and congratulations on 15 days👏👏👏

    Anger and irritability are part of people's quit journey in the beginning. Are you using any NRT. You did good by deep breathing. A quick walk around the block can help out too.

    Keep up the good work and hope your day is a good one👍🏻x

  • (Doing a little dance) ...wow well done cos we all know that feeling... when your blood is boiling and a feeling of hate takes over you... but you bet all that away and come back stronger...amazing good one you...

    Makes my day reading posts like yours so thank you for sharing it,

    Have a fab afternoon


  • Well done on resisting. Pat on the back. :) xx


  • Well done Schmicter on getting through that test, it's hard but you did ever so well. Be proud coz every battle won is a victory👍🏼🚭😊

  • Hi schmicter, certain situations certainly test us in the early stages, my kids thought I was possessed sometimes 😊 you certainly showed nic the door so really well done, keep it going 😄

  • Way to go!!! It's so hard to get through those fighting times and stay on track. I have been asking for five minutes of silence to get myself calmed and rational so I (hopefully) avoid punishing my loved ones for my quit anger! You are doing great!!

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