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Happy new year

Well 2014 has been eventful. Health scares, holidays, fighting Mr Nic and a bit of depression thrown in for luck!

Still came through it all and nearly at 12 months, writing that makes me very happy. Ending the year with a healthy bank balance and hopefully an investment in good health.

So my friends I wish you all the best for 2015. onwards and upwards


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Happy New Year KC. One year on and time you celebrated. :) :) :) xx


Your new badge is all in hand KC :) well erm not quite in hand, as they are still flying about the flippin field :o :D but it will be :)

A fantastic happy new Year to you tooooo KC and very nearly 1 Year quit too :) :) You have done tremendously well KC, you really have :) Am soo proud of you gal :) xx

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Happy New Year KC, a new year and a new you, 11 months quit is fantastic, stay strong.

Chat next year then !! :-D xxx


Happy new year KC. And all the best for 2015 :D xx


Happy New year KC. All the very best for 2015



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