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Who rules the roost? The little sweet angel or little red devil?

Who rules the roost? The little sweet angel or little red devil?

I thought I'd chat a little bit about this little pair here who you quite often find perched one on each of your shoulders ;-)

The night before you stop smoking, you generally listen to the lovely sweet voice of the little Angel, she tells you ;

"You can do this"

"You'll be saving so much money"

"You'll be so much healthier"

"Life will be better"

"I don't like smoking"

"I'll smell better"

Then the next morning you wake up, feeling okayish, then you reach for a cigarette and remember about making that decision to quit smoking ..

Then the first craving sets in.....

The little red devil has a louder voice, he tells you;

"Go on, you can just have one cigarette to start your day"

"You can quit later"

"You'll feel much better if you smoke"

"You would have spent the money on cigarettes anyway"

"You know you really love smoking"

"It will affect your sense of smell, so you won't even know how bad you smell"

You overcome the craving, you don't realise it at the time until it comes back the next time. However, for it to 'come back' it must have 'gone away'. Remember this, as it is all part of your confidence building and learning that you are taking positive steps forward.

Little Devil: "Go on, just have one"

Little sweet Angel: "One will lead to another"

You: "I am not going to smoke"

Little Devil: "Just buy 10 cigarettes instead of 20"

You: " At least this will mean I'm still having a go, still trying"

Little sweet Angel: "You're doing so well, it will get easier"

You: " I am choosing not to smoke"

As the hours/days/weeks pass by you notice that both of these little voices will get quieter and quieter until eventually you won't have them about as often.

The voices of this little pair are only your own inner voice, it's important that you understand how powerful the words are that you say to yourself.

Keep your thoughts and words positive and remember that you are stopping doing something that you no longer want to do anymore.

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