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Hi, my mum has another problem. Her speech is very difficulty from two or three months, but now, from 15 days, she has another disorder. The involuntary protrusion of her tongue ( she can't control the movement of her tongue and put it out of her mouth).

This new problem, and the excess of saliva, and the continuos blepharospasm and having closed eyes during all the day, all together make her life worse, if it's possible.

Someone tell me that is not a PSP symptom but it can be caused by psychiatric medicine she takes to sleep.

Did anyone experienced with this other trouble?

Any suggestion?

Thank to all of you.

I try to be positive but not every day is possible.

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Hi Jo

Mum has been PSP sufferer for about 4 years. Her speech slowly deteriorated over this time to virtually non existent. I noticed 12 months ago that she was losing the ability to control her tongue. I'm sorry but this does seem to be another awful PSP symptom.

Being positive is very difficult but it's all we have. Look after yourself as well as your Mum.

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My dad just started with rolling his tongue. I think the psp makes it hard to control. Dad was diagnosed 4 years ago. Struggles to talk at all. Wish I could give you better advice but its new to me also.


My mom used to have her mouth open all the time and her mouth was often flopped out. We used to try and get her to close her mouth; she was embarrassed about it and all the saliva from the open mouth but she said she was unable to move her muscles. It does seem to be a PSP symptom and I wouldn't say it was psychiatric. Before her diagnosis of PSP we endured 6 years with GP's telling mom her symptoms were in her mind .........

Jane xx


Mum went through patches of sticking her tongue out when I was trying to feed her. At first I worried that she didnt want the food but then realised she couldn't control it and I had to try and get the spoon/sandwich etc above her tongue for things to work. It didn't happen all the time, seemed to be the more mum tried the harder it was. When she was relaxed everything worked better.



HI Jo, Botox does help with eye closure, injections above the eyebrows every three months. I don't know if there is anything like botox to help with the tongue. Can the neurologist help? Only people specifically dealing with or have knowledge of PSP/CBD seen to be able to help. Dark glasses might be worth a try, because suffers do not like light. It is a soul destroying disease and so difficult to deal with the unknown. Regards


Jo, My wife has issues with speech and tongue movements. It's all part of PSP. PSP seems to affect the muscles (even the smallest) in the mouth/eye/head area. Hang in there and cope as best you can.


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Hi Jo

I can tell you that my dad sometimes appears not to move his tongue. Makes speaking that much more difficult, as well as swallowing, eating etc....

So, I would have to say it is a symptom of PSP.




Yes, it's the PSP. My MIL struggles with anything related to the mouth. I have related how I use the EFT on her to help her relax and cope with emotional issues. I have noticed that when I tap very gently on the spot in the little dip just below her nose and above her top lip she closes her mouth. It seems to release the spasm in someway that keeps her mouth open.

Good luck and hang on.


Hi guys,

yes i was wondering why my dad has started sticking out his tongue and he sucks on it. I asked him what he was doing and said he couldnt help it. Now i understand,just another one of this cruel diseases symptoms.

RC xx


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