Has anyone with CBD experienced problems with extreme tidiness!?

My Dad has CBD and (as well as some aggression problems) we are really struggling with his fanatical tidiness. He has to have things put in a very particular place (like it can't be even 1mm out of place) and he won't have anything lying around. So, for example, he won't have the remote control anywhere near him or his light writer so he has to move to get them. It all seems a bit mad..... just wondered if this is a symptom of CBD or whether it's something completely different!?

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  • piggy n the middlei think your dad has the right idea with the remote and the light writer because if he has to get up and get them he is still moving around which is better for him so i would say good on him\\ but the aggression problems are another thing is he aggressive to just you or friends as well \\\ would give him a bit of praise for thinking that he is still moving hes body around by getting up and getting them and not only that if he never went for them one of you would have to go for them sorry cant be much help with the aggression bit but he might be going through a phase in hes life and it might finish soon i really hope so \\\\carers have enough to put up with without someone being aggresive to them just a thought as well if there are rugs or just general stuff over the floor your dad would be more inclined to fall over it thats why he might be to fussy now good luck mate take care peter jones queensland australia psp sufferer

  • Thank you very much. Yes, you are very right and I am pleased that he still wants to walk about as much as possible but it's more the fact that things have to be in exactly the right place. It's a bit like OCD really. If we put a water bottle literally one cm away from where he wants it he gets very angry and aggressive. Lucky for me he is living in a nursing home at the moment so I only have to experience it a few times a week.... thanks again and may I wish you the very best ...... Piggy (UK) x

  • Hi, I worked in a care home for the elderly until last month, i had to retire due to my health. Many of my residents who lived with dementia had similar symptoms of behavior,this was diagnosed as Frontal Lobe dementia. Not sure how old your Father is but maybe he could have developed dementia as well? I am a sufferer as well, i tend to be on the untidy side, i can be lazy when i am sat comfortable, perhaps i should take a leaf out of his book and make my self move to get things.!! I know what it is like to care for people who can be difficult and aggressive (i have had many a bruise) don't give up on him, he is still your Dad. Good luck x

  • Thanks - I did wonder if perhaps there is something else going on and Dad is in his late 60's now ... I'm going to see if I can get a referral back to the neurologist to talk it through with him and I will read a bit more about frontal lobe dementia. I'll never give up on him - you're right, it doesn't matter what has happened in the past he is still my Dad. Take care of yourself and thanks again. x

  • I do have mentia, some more severe in areas of my brain than others. During my Neuro visit this week, he talked much about how the frontal lobe is affected by these disorder. The frontal lobe is where 'executive functioning' arises from, and can greatly impair what we consider 'common sense', as well as other things.

    Another thing that maybe happening is he's realizing what's happening to him, and his tidiness of his immediate environment is one of the few things he can still contol. Just something to consider.


  • Hi Judy, you don't sound that your dementia is very advanced, your writing is very good. I keep forgetting things, especially names of people and places and get people and places mixed up. But on the whole i think the dementia has not got a hold of me yet, although my husband might disagree lol. I try to keep my brain active and refuse to give into it, i still won't except that i have this horrible disease, we must be special as it is supposed to be rare :)

  • I know what you mean; trust me.

    Oh, my dementia is more significant than what my posts indicate. I do have much confusion on a daily basis over the simpliest things, that give me girls either great concern or good giggle fits. I giggle a long with them.

    I post when I feel the most clear headed during the day, and I take it slowly. I've made references a long the way of "my tools in my tool-kit". Posting on this wonderful site is actually one of my tools.

    Results in me focusing, taking some jumbled thoughts and putting them down in an articulate manner, so on and so forth. It helps me challenge my brain a lot.

    And I do so appreciate having a site like this to really connect with people because we know what we're talking about, sharing ideas, and keeping our spirits up, together. Or showing empathy if that is what need as well.

    I find myself blogging a lot because I feel a certain urgency to get this all out before/should I regress further.

    And of course we are special:) My belief over my lifetime, and it's meant to impose on others, but I've believed since a young child one of the primary reasons we are here is to teach and be taught, and there is purpose in the unpleasant.

    I have to say that I went thru a long period of denial with PSP. The outcome, at least for me, was that I was doing myself more harm than good. I told myself that if I "accepted" it, it would be like throwing in the towel, giving in to it, and sit and wait to die. Pretty negative stuff.

    But I've finally gone thru a transformation of acceptance. It's lightened my load; don't know how else I can explain it. By no means do I mean I'm "giving in or giving up". In fact, it's had the opposite. Know I want to stare it down, not be afraid of it, and throw myself right at it and work hard on many levels to get in front of PSP.

    Thanks Tisha 1953, for your reply and it's substance. Take good care of yourself!


  • Meant to say my beiefs are NOT meant to impose on others...

  • Hi Judy, i love your bloggs, they give me and, i should think, others the strength to fight these horrible deceases. You give me inspiration, may you carry on for a very long time and enjoy your Daughters visit. Take care, Trish xx

  • Thanks so much for your reply; can't express enough the positive impact they have on me.

    Have a wonderful weekend,


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