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Dad's Birthday

I sat there beside you, stroking your hand

And had flashbacks of the man I once knew

A laughing man, an upright man

Not this bent and bewildered person I love so much

How I would change this day if I could

And get you back just for the afternoon

So you could blow your candles out

Not try to eat them (oh work, silly mouth!)

It's a hard thing, I know, living with this

It's hard for us too, to watch it happen

And we want so much for it all to be alright

But it can't

Happy 68th Birthday, Dad

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Dear Fran,

What an emotional and moving poem. thank you for sharing it with us. I hope your Dad enjoyed his birthday. Your words about wanting things to be alright but knowing that they can't are horribly familiar to me and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Your Dad is lucky to have such a caring daughter.

HUGS for both of you!

Love ~ Kathy x


You have used all the right words and spoken for the rest of the PSP victims. Thank you x


Thank you, Kathy and Kay. It was one of those days where nothing went right and everyone felt exhausted and drained - as can often you will know. Dad managed to laugh on Monday though...the contrast was just remarkable... and my day was made!

Best wishes to you both x


Hi Fran

What a lovely poem written with such sensitivity.

Take care, love to you and your Dad.



Hi Fran,

What a lovely poem!

I hope your Dad enjoyed his birthday & I'm sure you made it special for him.

Its good to hear that he laughed!

Keep the giggles coming,



thanks everyone! all the best, fran


hji fran

lovely sentiment

and happy birthday to your dad and a big hug to u all!¬

love jill


thank you, jill!

big hugs back.

fran x


Hi Fran

I loved the poem and the words are spot on. I know it must be a tough time and you have to take every day as it comes which is never easy. I always remember thinking I wonder what today will be like. All my love to you your dad and your family.

Take care

Lesley x


thank you, Lesley. reading your posts always gives me a boost to carry on! it is hard isn't it. some days i get there, others i don't even begin! love fran x


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