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Hi everyone

Sadly dad in hospital only been given 48 hours max ,another one taken by this horrible disease. He was only diagnosed

18 months ago with Parkinson but the last year with p s p .Sitting here at his bedside looking at his tiny little body it's hard to believe he was a big strong proud man now he's like a helpless tiny baby just waiting for his calling, I hope it's just not a long wait as I don't think he can take much more. Thanks for listening x x

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So sorry MrsFarringdon to hear this news. Must be a shock being at this point after such a recent diagnosis. Love and prayers with you and all your family x


So sorry to hear of your heartache. Just lost my Dad last week not to psp but have hubby in end stage and he is only 59. Too sad. At least your Dad has no worries or pain any more. X


Dear Mrs Farrington,

My heart goes out to you. PSP is a ghastly illness that drains the body and fuels our minds with a real sense of hopelessness. However, your strengths are already shining through. By imparting to us your circumstances shows great resilience and temperament in your character. Soon your father's family and friends will remember your Dad well for his 'own true self', as PSP no matter how cruel it has been is just one of the many parts in your Dad's life journey.


Alana - Western Australia


Mrs Farringdon I'm so sorry to read your new's and my hope's are that in time you and your family's hearts will heal.

Dee in BC


So very sorry for you its awful watching the end my thoughts and prayers are with you

Take care x


So sorry to hear this. Try and remember the good times you had together. I know I have this to come with my mum xxx


I'm sitting hear with tears in my eyes. One can feel so helpless when sitting watching a love one pass away. Those last moments are so important. One more time to tell the person you love them.

My daughter asked me the not long ago how do I remember my parents, I answered, "I now think of them when they were well and able to all the things most of us take for granted and enjoying life." Not the sick people they became in the latter years. I think this is one of the clever things about our own minds, is that given time our memories go back to a better time and place.

PSP is just one horrid episode in all our lives.

My love and thoughts are with you at this very hard time.



Mrs Farringdon, my heartfelt condolences. I lost my dad to frontotemporal dementia about 5 years ago (it is my husband who now has psp), and I can confirm that you do remember the loving brilliant parent as well as the ill one.

I hope you have a happy full life again before too long.


H mrsf

So sorry tmo,hear of ur news

Hope that u I'll be ok

Lol Jill


So sorry to hear that he is close. I miss my mum and this weekend it will be oungest daughter's wedding which mum so wanted to be here for. Mixed feelings. :(


prayers and thoughts are with you all who are suffering and have loved ones that are suffering.xxxx




I'm so sorry. It is terrible to watch our loved ones slowly slip away. I watched as lung cancer slowly take my mom. The final stage is the most difficult. My prayers are with you and your loved one.


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