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Following my recent post I spoke to the GP at my husband's care home today. The home is a registered charity for ex servicemen here in Scotland. The GP told me that as far as she is aware CC funding can be awarded to someone who wants to reside in a care home if that care home has designated 'NHS beds'. In other words, certain beds set aside for NHS patients who come from home or hospital. Eddie's place doesn't. The nurses are employed by the charity, not by the NHS. The GP's, who visit daily, are from a local NHS practice. If a resident needs to be referred to a consultant the consultant comes to the home. Anyway she is going to get the rubber stamped word on it but I am sure I now have the answer.

So, to anyone in Scotland reading this, NHS CC funding is available for someone going into a care home if that care home has NHS beds. I'm guessing the problem will arise because there is a shortage of care home places, even before the question of NHS beds is considered. I don't know about CC funding at home. I hope this makes sense.

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  • Hi Sheila,

    Have just downloaded a PDF file about CHC as an answer to a question on a previous blog and was glancing through it when I noticed the following - "Anyone assessed as having a certain level of care needs may receive NHS continuing healthcare. It is not dependent on a particular disease, diagnosis or condition, nor on who provides the care or where that care is provided." I was particularly struck by the last phrase as it seems relevant to your case. The leaflet was published in 2009 so the situation may have changed now and it is relevant to England rather than Scotland but it seems to indicate that the NHS can make a payment for nursing care to a private nursing home that employs its own nurses.


  • Thanks, H. I will print of the relevant pages and give them to the GP.

    Take care


  • Sorry Sheila, I should have included the link to the leaflet


  • Sheila please KEEP FIGHTING. Geoff is in a private nursing home and I don't pay anything, he's funded by CHC.

    xx love Sandra.

  • Thanks Sandra. The thing that never fails to surprise me is that from the first time I asked any professional about this they had either never heard of it or didn't know the answer. The list includes social worker, nursing manager, care home finance dept., NHS nurse assessor, nurses,GP.

    Take care


  • Shelia

    I hope you are able to resolve this problem - if it helps My mum has respite covered by continuing care in a private home - the fees are more than CC award so we make a donation to the home / charity in lieu of topping up the fees - I am not sure if this is allowable but we found a compromise to enable her to be in a familiar home near us.


  • Thanks Saz. I'm going to keep going on this. I'll update my posts if and when I have more info.

    Take care


  • my mum went to a nursing home one month ago, the social worker explained me the difference between hospice and nirsing home, as soon as i hired the hospice care for her... they did everything. they helped me tontransfer my mum to a closest nursing home so now i am able to visit my mom every day even twice a day some times. definitely a hospice care is necesary while a terminal disease exist! they provide many different services for our loved ones trapped in this cruel disease. my mum start coughing a lot while eating. she cant talk she cant move.... so she needs this cared people around her. i thank God for having this magnificant hospice care help. God bless

  • Vero, I am very glad that you have found the right place for your mom. That must be such a comfort for you and by the sounds of it will certainly make your mum feel cared for and safe.

    Take care


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