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An Ode to Carers

You're tired, you're exhausted.

Your get up and go has gone.

But someone you love needs you,

So you take a deep breath and keep on.

Your head and your heart are aching.

The path seems lonely and long.

But the look on their face makes you pick up the pace,

So you take one more step and keep on.

You are at the end of your tether.

The urge to give up is strong.

But something they say helps you face one more day,

So you pick yourself up and keep on.

And no-one will give you a medal,

Or sing you a victory song.

But I raise my hat and I'll raise a glass and say

"Keep on keeping on!!"

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very good and very true kathy you carers deserve a medal mate and a lot more PeterJones queensland australia


Hi so true. You keep on keeping on even when you feel you can't because your loved one needs you more than ever. Take care & keep smiling. Love Hazel B xx


hi kathy

a syou knwo i am apatient and NOT a very patient patient!!

it si so right wha tyou say

lol JIll



keep smiling



:-) xox


Hi Kathy

Well done, it is very true what you say. But you know what keeps me going on?, I was recently told by a care worker that one of her "ladies" has dementia and that apart from her going in 4 times a day, the lady is left on her own all day. Now, when I hear of this and realise that I live in a society that treats vunerable and needy people in this way, I redouble my efforts, gird my loins and keep on keeping on because at the end of the day, there's just you, despite us "all being in it together".

Nil desparendum, girls and boys, we can do it!!!



Hi Kathy,

This is exactly how I am feeling today. When I feel I could scream and walk out, a little voice says to me "You at least can get a break occasionally from PSP. Peter cannot" This makes me keep on keeping on.

Love to you all out there.



Hi Kathy

Your words are so true. I could never have imagined what a difficult job it could be to care for someone with PSP, and although we get tired, irritable, etc. etc. we soldier on unconditionally because we love them. Thank you for your words, it all helps to hear that we CAN and DO keep "keeping on".

SuzieQ x


Kathy, You have nailed where I'm at. I need that encouragement. A huge THANK YOU goes out to you. Thanks for the inspiration.



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