whaat can i do to pevent this horrible choking whilst coughing?

i have had a cold and cough and have twice in recent weeks had problems with coughing and choking = impossibel to get my breath adn wheezing very badly- I do not want to get aspirational pneumonia.

This has happened onlhy about 6 times ever (in recent years) and is part of the psp I am sure but it is very frightening when it happens

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  • Hi Jillann

    My husband had this problem when eating. I had to make sure his food was cut up into small pieces and that whatever he was eating was soft. His drinks had to have a powder added to them otherwise he couldn't swallow liquids properly. Unfortunately I cannot remember what the powder was called.

    I hope this can be of some assistance to you.

    Kind regards


  • hi linaarossii

    i have the Thick and Easy thickener but it is a problem when i am in bed and wake up with this choking and inabiliyt ot breathe/ rasping breath

    But i have been awya for a coupleel of days and did nto have the Thickener with me so must take it in future!

    thanks for you rreplylt

    love jill

  • Hi

    I think you should put blocks under your headboard so that your upper body is raised. I know this will help with your breathing! We do it for Dad.

    Hope this helps!!


  • hi mj

    yes i used ot have blocks unde rthe head of the bed for acdi reflxu and must get soem more

    thanks for the tip

    love jill

  • Hi Jillann

    I am really sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. It might be worthwhile checking with your GP to make sure you haven't got a chest infection or anything, particularly if you have had a cough and a cold and it might have settled on your chest. I notice you ddn't have your thickener with you when you went away so again the fluids may have settled a little where they shouldn't and you might just need to get it cleared out.

    Like the person who has answered before me with dad we raised his head up so it was easier to breath and stopped him choking. I do this as well when I have a cold or flu so it will probably help you generally anyway at night.

    I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself Jillann and let us know how you get on.


    Lesley x

  • hi lesley

    yes i ahve seen teh gp and got some antibiotics which shouldl help cleap up the cough

    thanks for your help

    kve jIll

  • Hi Jillann

    I hope the antibiotics do the trick and you feel better soon.

    Take care of yourself

    Lesley x

  • Hi Jillann

    I have posted a reply to this on your personal email as you sent it to my personal email this morning.

    Hope you have received it.



  • I am sure Kat has advised you, but for others with this problem, it is important to get in contact with your Speech and language therapist and have a reassessment.

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