Mirapex and PSP

Hi again all,

So yesterday we took Dad for his appointment with the neurologist, he sure noticed some major changes in my Dad. I hate this disease.

He decided to try him on a drug called MIRAPEX. In addition, I started Dad on co-enzyme Q-10 about three weeks ago.

Does anyone else have any experience with Mirapex? Would love to know if it helped or hurt?

Thanks for any input!!


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  • Hi there

    I do hope your Dad receives some benefit from his medication.

    Mirapexin is occasionally used in PSP although it is not one of the most common medications used. It can help with a number of movement symptoms but is frequently used to control excessive movements with "restless leg syndrome". It is a useful medication because it can be used as a stand alone therapy without having to be given with the stronger levadopa meds which can have more side effects in some people. The main things to watch out for with Mirapexin are nausea,headache, excessive daytime sleepiness, confusion and dyskinesias (abnormal jerky movements). Just keep an eye on your dad and his symptoms over the next few weeks and report anything you are concerned about to your GP.

    I hope this is of some help to you.

  • Thank you Kat. I wonder why he would prescribe this, seems very very odd to me. Maybe he is running out of ideas?? Ughhhhh

    Thanks Kat!!

  • My husband, Russ, was prescribed Mirapex for his restless leg syndrome. He was jerking every 2 seconds all night long without it, and slept peacefully once he started the drug. I can tell if he misses a dose by the constant jerking that keeps him awake. He has taken Mirapex and now the generic for 6 years.


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