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"Magic Cocktail" for PSP?

What does everybody think of the "Magic Cocktail" recommendations put forward by WinterKelly on the PSP forum, here:

WinterKelly is in the U.S. and appears to have a lot of resources, but she says her Dad's strict diet has led to dramatic improvements.

If possible I would like to hear PSPA's response to WinterKelly's approach.



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I am not aware of any good research studies showing the benefit of nutrition and supplements in PSP. This is not to say that there are not benefits of good nutrition and supplementation, but that we dont as yet have the research.

It would be very difficult to establish what is causing the benefit, with such a complex cocktail. In the absense of research specific to PSP we would look to more general advice on good nutrition and hydration, which can be sought from a dietician. As you note supplementation to this extent can be expensive.

We would not encourage the use of IVI for long term hydration.

We await the results of the Co enzyme Q10 trials.


Thank you for your answer, Jill.


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