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My husband and I traveled to Birmingham, Al about a week ago. They are doing trial studies to help PSP patients. The family is in agreeance with me that we should not sit on the wayside with this disease. Has anyone on here heard of this study: Safety Study of TPI-287 to Treat CBS and PSP (TPI-287-4RT). I would like to know any information at all that you know. Thank you, Mathteach

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  • Hi Mathteach

    There is quite a lot of information on this forum with respect to TPI-287. Just use the search window in the top right hand corner and type in TPI-287. You'll find all the past "posts" on this subject.

    Hope this helps.


  • I would like to know about the same (Safety Study of TPI-287 to Treat CBS and PSP (TPI-287-4RT)).

    My mother has been affected with Parkinson PSP and is very ill .

    I am from India .

    S Roychowdhury

    +91 9883225454

  • Hi Mathteach

    If taking part in research is something you are interested in please contact the PSP Helpline on 0300 0110 122 or email them and they will be able to talk you through registering your interest and what research is taking place at the moment.

  • We are already signed up for the study in Birmingham, AL

  • i ahould v mchh like to gtake part in any research which is on going at the moment but there seems to be v little in the

  • n w oF the uk. Am i tight or not?

    lol jill


  • There are many studies of PSP going on around the country. My wife participated in a study held at the University of Florida Movement Disorder Clinic for two years. Any study may hold the key to PSP so I encourage you to participate. Jimbo

  • but not in the Uk Jim??

    am i right ro not ?



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