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Is it true that people suffering from PSP are entitled to a 25% reduction in their council tax? If this is true how should they go about applying for this? Someone said something about this on this site and I mentioned it to my sister who seemed very interested so I said I would try to find out more. What a great idea this site is so that people can discuss their problems and ask for help

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  • I got a discount because George is in a wheelchair, we went down a band, not sure if that is the 25%. We also get our water cheaper because George is disabled, try for the electric and gas, but they did not do it. Yvonne xxxxxx

  • Thank you Yvonneandgeorge. I will pass this on to my sister. Every little helps!! xxx

  • Yes you are entitled to a discount on council tax, if you go into your local town hall they will give you a form to fill in!

    Love....Pat xx

  • Do you know whether it's means tested?

  • No, as far as I know it is not means tested. We were given a letter from the memory clinic stating that P was `Severely mentally impaired`, I sent it to the local council tax dept. and they started deducting 25% and back dated it !

  • Thank you. You have all been very helpful

  • Thank you Pat xx

  • Not only people suffering from PSP. We got the reduction as we had to have a wet room installed just for my husband and he used a wheelchair. Someone from the council came to inspect the house. My husband was at the Hospice at the time of the inspection and the chap wanted proof that he uses a wheelchair. He had his with him but fortunately I still had the original light weight one.

    Nanna B

  • Yes we get a 25% reduction in Council Tax. I think you have to be a wheelchair user or have 'a significant mental impairment'. You can download the form on line and you have to have it signed by your GP. Didn't know about the water bill reduction though - will try that.


  • Thanks for that Vicki

  • I didn't know about the water either thank you . I believe the council tax will go down by. One band . that's what ours did . once I rang and filled the form in it didn't take very long unlike most other things .

    Do you all now you can go in a register with the electric company in the event of a power cut and u use electric appliance such as hoists stairlift a etc you have priority

  • I didn't know about the water, will get onto that asap.

    Re Council tax I rang the council who sent a form, had to provide a copy of G's attendance alłowance, we then got a fund on what we had paid and 25% discount was applied. Council checked this year if we were still in the same circumstances, and the 25% discount was again applied.

    It was an easy process to go through, but the Council makes sure that someone in the household meets the criteria.

  • Thank you for the information

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