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No rinse shampoo cap

Thought I'd let you know that I have been able to shampoo Tony's hair this morning using one of the no rinse shampoo and conditioner caps that a Community Nurse suggested we try. He has not been able to use our shower. I never knew they existed, what a treat and Tony got a head masage too. You heat them in the microwave but I am sure hot water would work too. I'm not sure about all the chemicals but he is going to respite soon and they will be able to give him a lovely bath.

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good news that there is na altenraitvei to a shower

how do thes e caps work?

lol JIll



Hi Jill

They are just a plastic shower cap with a material impregnated with the shampoo/conditioner, that you heat for 20 seconds in the microwave then making sure they are not too hot place them on the head covering all the hair and massage in. The cap then gets thrown away. I then dried Tonys hair which now looks clean.

lol Lorri


i could get one for my friend who ha sPARKISNOSNS and is now hoMe and has nto had her hair washed fo rweeKs

do i need to c the district nurse?

thansk fo rthe reply




three cheers fir the wonderful people that come up with these ideas a "small step for mankind" moment for you and Tony, Amazing the things that can bring a little contentment into our lives x


Hi Jill and Kay

Yes a great idea. I was given some by the community nurse, they are expensive to buy.



Definitely a call for a gadget section on Health Unlocked!


Hi Lorri,

love the sound of this but Mum and Dad don't have a microwave. I went online though and found out that you can get something that does a very similar job in a bottle that doesn't appear to require heating. Thanks for the tip.



would love it if my husband could have nice shower he has been chair or bed w ashes a for a long time now . it's different for a man , I keep his hair very short . it's never been this short . more suitable now though I am able to just.was his head and his it. Good rub .

I am not suggesting you cut it as short as his !! But shorter is much easier .

could you place some waterproof sheeting around his shoulder and then towels on top AI do this when I bed wash John I use Senset skin cleansing foam , it's not expensive . he has very sensitive skin and I have found that not using as much water it's made a noticeable improvement to his skin .


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