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cambridge support group

hi all,

i would just like to say a big thank you to ronc and faiza for

starting this support group it was great to meet so meny nice

people and it was great to finely meet other suffers of cbd at

last its been a long time comeing, it was also good to be able

to have a chat with DR rowe and his partners from addenbrookes

it was a good turn out and long may it continue,

take care


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Hello Ray

Thankyou for your positive comments.

Thank you also to all who came along. It was so good to meet you all and to hear your experiences of PSP/CBD. Thanks as well for all the comments/ideas

It was good to meet Dr Rowe ,Tim Rittman, Mary, the Parkinson's nurse and Julie, the research nurse ,(thanks for helping in the kitchen!)

Apologies for the somewhat accelerated close of the meeting!

I look forward to meeting up again, probably early December but details will be posted.

Meantime, best wishes to all of you and take care



Sorry, I meant to say thanks to those who bought Lesley's CD.

I think some of you paid a bit extra....

I'll pay the proceeds into your Justgiving site, Lesley.


Hi Ray,

Thanks for your comments. It was lovely to meet everyone. Ronc and I will sort out a date for December. I'm also putting together a Facebook group in response to some of the feedback for Cambridge - so will provide details once it's done (hopefully tomorrow).

As Ronc said - apologies for the rushed end to the meeting, we didint realise that we had overrun by 45mins.

See you again soon!

Faiza x


Hi Ronc,

So pleased the meeting was a success and hopefully mum will have a look on here to see the comments. See you soon

Love Claire xx


Hi Ronc and everyone who attended the cambridge support group. It looks like you had a great meeting and it shows how everyone wanted to just continue to be there if you went 45 minutes over time. Well done to all and a thank you to everyone who bought the CD and to Ronc for making it available at the Cambridge group. Every little bit helps.

Good luck for your next meeting in December.

Take care everybody

Lesley B x


All sounds very positive so I am very very happy that possibly finding a cure to psp is within the near future. If Only the doctors were as helpull when they ignored my calls of help for my dad when we needed it. When he needed it the most.


Hello Julie

I'm sorry to hear that you had an unhelpful experience of your doctor.

Dr Rowe was able to offer a lot of feedback on Sat. and is positive about the research which will hopefully bear fruit in the future.

I hope that you and your family are well.

My best wishes,



Hi Ronc, Ray and eveyone

Sounds like your meeting was a success, well done!!!!! Hope we may see some of you at our next meeting in Bentwwood at the end of October. Any tips you want to pass over will be more than welcome.

God Bless all.



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