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From urine infection, to hospital, to PEG, to improvement!

Hello all,

Back in July my dad unfortunately caught a urine infection that made him deteriorate rapidly. He ended up in hospital for 4 long weeks and I thought that he'd progressed to the next 'level down'. His PEG operation was brought forward as was losing a lot of weight. He came home soon after and by that time was only communicating to me using thumb signals, and his mobility had pretty much gone.

A couple of weeks later my mum said that he was improving! His walking has gotten better and he now has short conversations with me on the phone! We put this down to his 'double intake' of food - feed from the PEG but also mum feeds him 3 meals a day still. I also put his improvement down to the level of care that he receives from mum. Her level of dedication and devotion is amazing, and I often wonder without her whether he'd have given up the fight earlier.

Earlier in the month we had to cancel a holiday to Lake Garda - something that both mum and dad were looking forward to, but tomorrow we are going to a wedding, so that will be great! Looking forward to enjoying the strange warm weather with my parents this weekend (in the UK)!

Love to all, Marisa x

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Hi Marisa

What wonderful news about your dad. It just shows no two people are the same and just when you think the chips are down, our loved ones can suddenly spring back. That is fantistic.

Hope you all have a really enjoyable day at the wedding tomorrow - the weather is going to be GREAT too.

Love, Maggie x


So pleased to hear the PEG has helped your Dad :-) I hope he continues to stay well. Have a fabulous day at the wedding and take lots of photos!

Love Kathy x


Hi Marisa

It is lovely to hear how your dad has improved with the help he is getting as well as the wonderful support from your mum. It is scary when they suddenly deteriorate after an infection and such a relief when they bounce back. Sounds like your dad is a real fighter.

My love to you, your dad and mum and have a lovely day at the wedding.

Love Lesley x



aii the best



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