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My mother had a serious fall Aug 6th falling forward, not being able to break her fall, and suffered a broken nose, pain in her hand which was tucked into her chest, and her neck. They did x-rays and, although there was confusion, a CT scan was not done. She complained of severe pain on the top right portion of her head last night. She had significant changes in swallowing the day prior. Her left side has been weak but last nite she was unable to squeeze with her left hand. She is able to support herself somewhat on left leg but needs to be held to maintain weight bearing ability. Has anyone experienced an event similar to this?

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Hi Sugardart,

I think if your Mum experiencing pain in her head is a new symptom and she is experiencing some difficulty with controlling her limbs you should take her back to hospital. This may not be related to the fall she had early in August.



Yes, Mum had a similar experience. She was being treated for high blood pressure for years, then she started having falls, and I think it was thought that she was having TIA's. (It wasn't discussed with us). When she (we) monitored her blood pressure at home it was very up and down, and this seemed to confirm the possibility of TIA's.

Then when PSP was diagnosed and she was admitted to hospital after one of her falls she was taken off all medication and her BP remained fine and stable. Maybe there is a link.


My stepdad had a TIA last September, he had been 'odd' most of the morning but it only became apparent when he had a temporary loss of vision. After that his right side became very weak, sometimes dragging his right leg when walking and the right side of his mouth had drooped very slightly. He also started to lose some control of his bladder at this time too. Hard to say if it's natural progression of the illness but it was thought more likely to be a TIA. He never had another after that, but was prescribed Aspirin.


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