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Brentwood Support Group

I am pleased to tell you that the next Brentwood meeting will be at 2.30pm at The Marillac, Eagle Way, Warley, Brentwood, Essex, CM13 3BL. ( on Saturday 25th August 2012 – Sarah Roberts, Head of Neurology Services in South West Essex will be coming to this meeting to listen to the experience of people with PSP have had in the NHS and see where improvements could be made to service provision.

The meeting is open to all, whether you are currently living with PSP/CBD, are a Carer or family member, or have knowledge of the disease as a past Carer, Health & Social Care Professional, or have supported the work of the PSPA via fundraising or membership. This is an informal gathering, led by Liz Williams, Parkinson’s Specialist Practitioner, and Jenni Nind, a former Carer and PSPA Member, where people can gain mutual support and advice, meet others who have knowledge of the disease, or help in raising awareness locally.

Whatever your involvement with or connection to PSP/CBD, I hope you will be able to attend what I am sure will be a very interesting, informative and enjoyable support group meeting.

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