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Always expect the unexpected with PSP

I was on holiday for 10 days but afrer 2 days developed cystitis / bladder infectiion adn had to come home early

missed seeing my 89 year old dad / good concertts/ great weather in N Yorkshire

Someone wrote in a blog "always expect the unexpected"

i know now to ask my GP for some antibiotics if /b4 i go away anwhere else!

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hi jillann,

sorry to hear you are unwell and im sorry to hear you missed

most of your holiday you was looking forward to seeing your dad

wasnt you, thats the trouble with cbd/psp you just dont know whats

going to happen from one day to the next, i hope you feel better

very soon you take care of your self,

ray xx


hi Ray

thanks yes i missed seeng my dad- but - he has already got some dirnks in 4 Xmas = =posirive or what?

i am feelign a bit better now on the antibiotics take care yourself



Hello Jillannf6,

Oh dear, really sorry to hear you were poorly and had to return from yours hols so soon. Never mind, hope you will soon be feeling better. I have had cystitis off and on since I was a youngster so know how miserable it can make you feel. Anyway, try and look on the bright side and hope you can arrange another trip somewhere pretty soon to make up for your disappointment.

Former PSP nurse Maggie Rose used to say "Always expect the unexpected" and it was one of the first things I learned from her about PSP. I often use it myself now in my postings.


Maggie x


Hi Jill,

Sorry to hear your holiday was spoiled :-( Hope you're feeling better and get another chance to go away soon!

Take Care

love Kathy x


Hi Jill,

Such a shame your holiday was spoiled. A few years ago I was away on the Isle of Wight when I came down with an ear infection. I was able to get an emergency appointment at the local GP and was prescribed anti-biotics. I had to fill in a form with details of my own GP but that was all. Just thought this might be worth bearing in mind for the future.

Hope you are feeling better now



Hi Jill

Sorry to hear your holiday was curtailed. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and it looks like your dad is already getting ready for your next visit at Christmas. Take care of yourself

Lesley x


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