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holidays and psp


I have been on holiday (1st time in 12 months to Southern Scotland and after arriving and falling in the bedroom of the small hotel did not have another tumble!!l

since diagnosis in dec 2010 i have had bladder problems daytiem and night time but oxybutanin is helping and the en suite was excellent.

my mood and temper are not too good but is the psp

So a holiday can still b enjoyed with PSP and i look forward to another trip to N Yorkshire in August

)alittle more difficult as it i s 4 longer and i have not stayed in the rooms b4


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Hi Jill

I'm delighted you got a holiday to Scotland. You're a boost and an inspiration to us all, especially with another holiday planned. Good on you!

Fiona x


Hi jill,

Im glad that you are still haveing your holidays i still

go when i can but it allways comes down to money

thats the bigest problem, i hope you enjoy many more holidays

to come bless you x


hi ray

yes but the money will see me out now!!!

that is the upside of the psp and diagnosis

i only need a "few thosuand" and that is what l i have - in fact wha t i got 4 my car when i crashed it last year (b4 dagnosis) and it was a write off but i was ok...

jiill x..


i no longer drive - decided not to after the escape at the accident- so relyng on taxis/ friends for lifts / bus etc to get out into the town


My husband was diagnosed with PSP in August 2010 and we are still managing short breaks away. We have just returned from four days Cumbria with two friends and I have to say it was wonderful to get away for both of us. We stayed in a B&B and the lady who owned the place even kept a watch on my hubby one day while I went walking with our friends. She was so kind and put extra cushions on his chair and moved it round so that he had a wonderful view overlooking Lake Conistion. He used to love his walking and it truly saddens me that he is no longer able to do it. I took an anti-slip mat for the shower and two removable suction grip handles which I have to say were really useful. Apart from a few problems when he is eating (due to the bad tremor) we had a relatively "easy" time and we are hoping to spend a few days in Devon or Cornwall later in the year. We try to do as many outdoor things as his PSP will allow as we are both aware that his condition can deteriorate quite rapidly at any time. I hope you continue to have holidays too. Take care....SuzieQ x


hi suzie

i know -i used 2 love walking and now can do v littel in that respect - frustrating for me and my partner

bUt it is great to see the countryrside and enjoy the change of scene

And i am more confident about going away for a longer period


weather not at all good fof the time of year but in the uK what can one expect?

i cannot see myself ever going abroad again biut shall be thankfuj just to get to great parts of Engand and Scotland



hi jill,

when you say you smashed your car up does that mean that

you no longer drive, At the moment i can still drive but on a three

year licence which has to be reviewed next year so i dont know

what will happen then, i dont know when i will go away again because

with a family of five it just costs to much so we will just make do with what

we have and that is each other,

ray xx


hi ray

i no longer drive - decided not to after the accident - a lucky escape.

Since diagnosis i realise why - my co ordination was suspect ot say the least

i have also got dla at the highest rates(after beivng tuned down 18 monthws previously) so it is taxis /friends/ bus when weather ok 2 get me into townand with my trusty 4 wheel walker


Mum and Dad managed to get away for a Golden Wedding trip to the same place they went on honeymoon last year and then again in their camper van at the end of August. Would love to be able to arrange a holiday for them again but I don't think it is possible now.


It makes such a difference if you can get away for just s short while. Perhaps your parents could manage just a long weekend break. I do hope something can be sorted out to suit them. Take care and ...."chin up".



Hi Jill...Frank & I went on a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords a couple of weeks ago with P & O. We had an adapted balcony stateroom....sounds posh but it's just a bigger cabin with a balcony, the only adapted cabin available when we booked only a few weeks before we went. Although we enjoyed it it was hard work for me as it literally was just me caring for him 24/7.But we did it !!!!!!!

I think the next holiday will be in a villa with the whole family so I get a holiday as well. Sorry if that sounds awful but that's how it is.

Take care & try to keep smiling. Love Hazel B xx


hi Hazel

Holidays are a must whilst you both can and i think going iwth the family is a great idea- you need a break too - rthe family will realise that too

i am really looking fwd to going back "home" to the N Yorks moors and seeing my dad and cousins who stllLlive there

,lov jill xx


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