I'm Idris. Obviously this is not my real name. It's a Doctor Who thing.

I've been blogging for years about my life and the things I like, which includes some of the experiences of looking after my Mum who has PSP. But that's only got a readership of a few dozen interested friends. To write about my experiences as a carer to an audience of people who know exactly what it's like, or want to find out more, will be a really great opportunity.

I just hope I won't be too boring....

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  • Someone who starts with "a Doctor Who thing" could never be boring...!

  • Thank you, glad I've got fellow fans on here!

  • Hello Idris, welcome to HealthUnlocked. Thank you for joining. I am sure your blogs won't be boring...I think this will be a great place to not only let off a bit of steam, but allow others to see that they are not on their own. Happy blogging :-)

  • Letting off steam, yes, definitely. I just hope it doesn't become JUST that, as I've got quite a lot of steam at times! It will be nice to know that people who understand are reading, though.

  • Definitely won't be boring! I look forward to reading your blogs!!

  • :) Thanks, and I look forward to getting to know a few people who are in a similar situation to me.




  • I intend to, thanks for reading so far....

  • When I read the name Idris I immediately thought of Ivor the Engine (it's a generation thing!). Dragon or Dr Who I am looking forward to reading your blogs!

  • Ivor the Engine! Hee, Idris the Dragon, I'd forgotten about that. It'll be good to get to know you. :)

  • hi idris glad to meet you im looking forward to

    getting to know you any questions you have

    just ask and i will try to give you a answer we

    are all in the same boat here,

  • Hi Ray, thanks for your kind comment. I'm looking forward to sharing experiences with others and learning more.

  • Hi Idris look forward to following your blogs. You sound like you have a good sense of humour - you need it with this illness. I immidately thought of the drinks advert - I drink Idris when I am dry!


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