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moaning and sleep deprivation

Yes, yes it is what everyone who cares for someone with PSP suffers with.

I never found the answer. You find yourself running on empty because of the lack of sleep. I found one solution it helped a little. Insist on a rest for at least an hour , say after lunch, for both of you. Taken in separate rooms with no disturbing from anyone. Just having that space to snooze or be quiet gave me the energy to carry for the rest of the day. Try it.

I send all my thoughts to you and try to book a respite break.


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We have separate bedrooms which works as my husband is still ok to get out of bed on his own if he needs the bathroom, so I usually get a good nights sleep. A rest in the afternoon's is a good idea asd well.

Best wishes



Hi Dorothy Dave is unable to walk unassisted and will often get confused or agitated at night and try to get out of bed. He has broken bones and needed stitches so we dont dare to leave him alone. I miss the days when he could sleep alone safely.


Thanks Maeve and I am taking your advice on getting away to get some rest. I have someone come in 3 nights a week so that I can rest. The four nights that I am alone do wear me down.


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