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Sky-Dive in aid of PSP

My Grand-Daughters Danielle and Charlotte did their Sky-Dive in memory of their beloved Grandad yesterday , it was a lovely day with blue skies and sunshine. they were quite nervous which made me even more proud of them,

After the jump we drank a toast to their Grandad ,Ken ,not sure of the total of money raised yet - I will let you all know - the last count was about 1400 GBP

all of this money I know will help the research enormously, they are two very brave girls. Thank you to everyone who sponsored them .

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Well done to Danielle and Charlotte!

Ronc W


Womderful...well done girls and a big thank you! x

Jan K


We all share your pride, many thanks girls.



You guys rock!! Would love to see a youtube of the jump! Well done!



Something you quite rightly should be truly proud of. Well done, girls. Any amount of money how small or large is welcome if it helps to fund the much needed research into this dreadful illness. Your huge contribution will be greatly appreciated by all of us carers and sufferers alike.

Well done again and thank you from both Tony and myself.

Take care............SuzieQ xx


Congratulations to Danielle and Charlotte, they are FAR braver than me!


Well done to Danielle and Charlotte. Your Grandad would be proud of you just as we all are.

Lesley x


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