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Just been advised by nurse to try Peppercorns three in the morning has anyone else heard of this for dribbling, may be better than some side affects of medicine. Nurse was advised by consultant at a meeting.

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Haven't heard of this at all, sorry.

However, we got some micro fibre cleaning cloths to put on the pillow at night to absorb the dribbling and Mum says these are far softer than towels helping her sleep.

No i thought it was a strange answer peppercorns for dribbling but this was a Parkinsons nurse who i spoke to, any help is better than nothing so i am trying it for my husband

Hi i currently use with my husband this medication glycopyrronium Bromide This reduce the ammount of salive and is working

the dosage i give is 2.5 mg morning 2.5 mg before lunch and 5 mg before going to bed

Gp will not prescribe it becouse is very expencive so the specialist must do the 1" prescription. in uk

I try also oral solution (is chepper) but is better tablets.

other new medication to reduse time off and rigidity is Xadago again prescription to dp by specialist. ask for at least 2 months trial becouse it take 3/4 weeks before see if it works.

love to u all xxx


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Thanks for the reply have tried Bromide and Atropine never heard off Xadago, the peppercorn seem to have reduced the saliva not stopped it at the moment. We are off to Papworth Hospital next month so will inquire

My husband has PSP and lately is having issues with some drooling and not swallowing saliva often enough. His Neurologist has prescribed Atropine Sulfate drops. They are an eye drop, but off label use for drooling is commonly prescribed. Currently I put one drop under tongue 2 or 3 times a days. It seems to help so far.

Atropine worked like a miracle for us, too. Stopped a lot of the choking from too much gluey saliva. I’m curious about the peppercorns, though. Let us know if you try it, please.

Hi we have tried Atropine with out much luck at four times a day it was a bit wearing, tried Glycopyrronium Bromide so anything that helps is a blessing. The peppercorn seems to reduce the salvia but not stopped it which i do not expect it to.

Neurologist recommended botox injections in the salivary glands. We scheduled the first appointment but never made it. Maybe that's something you could ask about?

Thank you for the information will speak with the consultant when we next see them, I don’t think any medicine seems to work.

It’s very frustrating about this disease that response to treatment of various symptoms differs so greatly among individuals, and so often nothing really helps much, and even then often only for a short time. Hope and the desire to know you’re doing everything you can keep you fighting. I wish you luck and send love, ec

I have sadly lost my husband from this horrible illness. But I used to give him pineapple juice it really helped.

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Poppypolo in reply to Ovation1

Thank you any thing that helps is a blessing as you say what a horrible illness such a sad sight to see a husband going down

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