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Letting drinks dribble out

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We feed my mother soft, cut-up food and thickened liquids, with some regular water, and she can manage that. The water does often cause coughing and throat-clearing. But overall she eats very well--3 meals a day. This morning she was having her breakfast, and I noticed that maybe 20% of the time she was holding the liquid (thickened juice, thickened coffee or a sip of water) in her mouth briefly and then letting it all dribble out. Other times she was swallowing her drink without hesitation. Is this beginning of not swallowing or losing her swallow?

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My husband does this, I think it is the beginning of not being able to swallow. I think my husband forgets how to swallow sometimes abs holds it in his mouth and lets it pour out when he can’t do it.

Love and hugs xxxxx Helen xxxx

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Martina_MP in reply to Helen119

Thank you. Seems to be maybe when she can’t move the liquid to the back of her mouth to swallow it, she lets it spill back out.

May be.Hug and luck.


Hi Martina!

I send you by internal mail our experiences where you can find out how we have been solving different problems, including those related to food and swallowing.

Hugs, luck and courage.


Thank you again, Luis!

Hi, my Mum is at the exact stage too, it's just started getting worse over the past couple of weeks and I notice she is therefore avoiding drinking much. For once, I don't have any suggestions for my mum so interested to read the responses as eating is still quite ok. Regards Tracie xx

My husband sometimes spits liquids out as though he’s forgotten whT to do. Explain he needs to swallow but word means nothing

Hi Martina. I live in Australia. Your blog on your home page sounds very similar to how my mum progressed.

When my mother started to pool food/drink or it started to escape her mouth, the speechy told me it was because her brain was sending the message to swallow slowly. A trick she showed me was to give a empty spoon occasionally so that she swallowed what was in her mouth before you loaded more.

When the problem of swallowing starts to decrease the amount of food/drink please be aware the problem with constipation can start.

If this is allowed to be a problem it can be horrific for your loved one.

My family benefited from the knowledge on this page and I hope you do too.

The unknown is very frightening but the support here is comforting.

Take care it’s a hard journey!!!!

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Martina_MP in reply to Goroos

We will try the empty spoon trick, thanks!

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Goroos in reply to Martina_MP

It’s worth a try. The trouble with this disease is that not a lot is known about it, so it is all trail and error. Please keep constipation in the back of your mind. It can creep up and get out of control.

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WindyGirl in reply to Goroos

Great trick! Thanks for the suggestion!

Yes they will say this is a sign of swallowing problems. We noticed when feeding or drinking everything gets stored in my loves one left cheek. She refuses to admit she hasn't swallowed all her contents in her mouth before asking for next bite or sip of something. I've tried to explain the danger in asperating phenomena if she were to choke by storing the contents. She would get furious and tell me she's not stupid. So I turned it into a game and she is a squirrel hording for winter inside her cheek and remind her to swallow her contents before I give another bite. Good luck to you and your mum.

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