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Hi everyone I am new to this x


Hello there my mum has got psp and has had it 4 about 4 yrs, she kept s falling over, and her speech is going, will it go all together x

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Dear Cazzawazza,

Speech - Sadly I think everyone's speech goes - however the good (and bad) is it can vary enormously in timeframe and just because your Mothers speech is going it does not mean it will keep going downhill at the same rate. Has your mother seen a speech therapist? Those my husband has seen have done a great job in helping him project his voice and helping him enormously with posture and swallowing techniques. A short while agao I watched a brilliant lady (on you tube) who gave techniques on line for those with PSP - Have you seen it?


Alana - Western Australia

Here is the You tube site



Alana - Western Australia

Thanks for the link, Alana. I'm bookmarking it!

Many PSP patients lose ability to speak and result to hand signals. Enjoy her voice while it is good. You could try the Lee Silverman speech course on DVD. It helps for some people.


I am going into my 8th yr of psp. I have been very fortunate. The severe falls have stopped,because I don't walk. My speech is really poor. I was a singer,back in the. Now I can't find a note. It is most sad at Christmas. I loved singing hymns.I still live independently. Difficult lately. Vacuum,laundry,dishes. God bless all my fellow psp pals.

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