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Hello all I new to the site and was wondering if there is any info you could help me with regarding pain management my Dr has just prescribed alendronic acid but I’m unsure after reading reviews about taking it. Also I have a strange burning sensation going on in my left hip area that goes down to my knee it only happens when I’m in bed it’s a hot burning feeling with sharp pain and very uncomfortable would anyone know what it is please.

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Sorry I'm not sure that you will find much experience of osteoarthritis on this part of HealthUnlocked. You would be better posting in another forum I think.

Hi scragg, I have arthritis bad and it really hurts. My doctor had me on Mobic and it helped a lot but was affecting my kidneys so now just pain pills. The pain while lying down from hip to knee is tendinitis,I have that also. I go and get shots put in mine, it helps some. Hope and pray you will start feeling soon, hugs, Wanda

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