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My Sister is at Peace


Yesterday my sister(on the right) passed away peacefully having made the decision to have a 'medically assisted death'.. She has struggled with CBD for around 7 years but COVID lockdown of her Long Term Care Facility accelerated her condition due to isolation..She made this decision with the support of her husband and our family..She was calm and very ready to escape her ravaged body...although her strong mind remained...I will miss her so much but am glad she is free and at peace..Thank you for being a support to me over the past year or so..I have followed many of your stories and was able to understand more about this terrible disease..Bless all of you who are still struggling.....Liz

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Sending very large hug and much loveLots of love


Skye04 in reply to Heady

Thank you so much Anne


I am so sorry for your loss, Liz.That is a very courageous decision for your sister to make, and can understand her reasons. She would be grateful that that option was available.

I watched hubby suffer and often wished there was a quick solution - but there was not.

It must leave you with conflicting emotions!

Remember your sister as she was before CBD and mourn your loss.

Big hug


Liz so sorry for your loss, also lots of hugs, look after yourself. Yvonne xxxx

Skye04 in reply to honjen43

Yes Jen have so many wonderful memories for the life we shared..always 'intertwined'!!

Sending hugs. Sorry for your loss ❤️

Skye04 in reply to bazooka111

Thank you...I have followed your posts and lovely photos of your wondering how she is doing....? Hoping her progression with this disease is a slow one and that you are managing to cope..stay safe ...Liz

bazooka111 in reply to Skye04

Thank you for asking, Mom has plateaued so far these past few months. I was worried in September when she started really choking -- some really bad episodes. We had a swallow test, some speech therapy in the home, and I learned ALOT -- so the adjustments have been made in our technique, food, overall diet -- and we are doing much better in that area. She is down to a very soft whisper -- so very quiet -- thats the hardest thing for me. I love caring for her, it is by far the hardest but most rewarding journey (as crazy as that sounds). I am cherishing every single day that I have --- quarantine has been a bittersweet experience -- I will always remember this year with her. ((Hugs)) to you Liz xo

Skye04 in reply to bazooka111

Nice to hear about your mom...Thankfully my sister still had a very weak voice before she passed but was just a 'yes' or 'no' answer..she also did a lot of choking but thankfully not to a dangerous degree...Will be thinking of you and your mom..I still want to check in with this site..I really did feel I was coming to a 'safe place' when I logged in here...stay safe ...Liz

Sorry for the loss of your sister. My husband, who is in advanced stages of PSP, has made the same decision. Breaks my heart, but I have seen him deteriorate at a rapid pace, and it makes me sad to see him continue to suffer. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Skye04 in reply to Inparadise

K...It is a very brave decision to make and as much as we want our love ones here with us, to see them suffer is so hard...My sister was 'ready' to go and her husband, son and myself surrounded her with our love and she went very peacefully and calmly..sadly we could only have 10 people at her funeral today but we celebrated her perfectly..Hope you have lots of support as you go through this process..thinking about you

💓 Liz

Dear Liz;

Deep condolences on the loss of your beloved sister. I hope your memory of having stood by her and supported her through her terrible journey is some comfort during the loss.

Hugs and wishes for peace

Anne G.

Skye04 in reply to raincitygirl

Thanks Anne G. I was able to spend a lot of time with her before she had this procedure..we talked about everything and I knew she was so ready to leave her crippled body behind...I have so many treasured memories...Liz

Condolences on the loss of your sister. She indeed was brave to make that decision.

Take care

Skye04 in reply to PSomani

Yes...she was very brave but really ready to go...Thank you..Liz

Condolences to you in this time of loss. Love Jean x

Skye04 in reply to doglington

Thank you Jean...Liz

So sorry for your loss.


Skye04 in reply to racinlady

Pat..thank you for your thoughts...Liz

So very sorry for your loss x

Skye04 in reply to Gemmadog

Thanks so much..Liz

A big hug.Luis

Thank you Luis...

What a lovely photo xx. Like others I send love to you. So sorry for you loss, like you said she is free and at peace.

Skye04 in reply to Northstar1

I have so many happy memories of our74 years that were intertwined..Thank you! Liz

Hi Skye04 Liz, there is a note for you from Yvonneandgeorge in this thread that has got misplaced.Hugs

Jen xxx

Skye04 in reply to honjen43

Thanks Jen got it!

I feel your pain xxx

Skye04 in reply to Tunupup

Thanks so much ...Liz

Sending warm hugs to you and her family.

Skye04 in reply to Sebuly14

Thanks for your hugs...even though only 10 people were allowed at the funeral is was 'zoomed' and over 70 people got to follow her 'celebration of life'....Liz

So very sorry for your loss. Hugs and prayers.


Skye04 in reply to daddyt

Thanks Tim...Hoping your journey is manageable for you and your family...Liz

Massive love to your hurting heart.

Sorry that you & your sister experienced the trauma of CBD

Skye04 in reply to Spiralsparkle

It is such a terrible disease..but am grateful for the time I spent with her and was able to say 'goodbye'... which was very peaceful...

I too am so sorry to hear of your sister's passing. Wishing you strength and courage in the days ahead. Alice

Skye04 in reply to Abrecheisen53

Thank you Alice...Liz

Liz what a lovely photo of the two of you. Sending hugs of support... Granni B

Skye04 in reply to Mottsie

We were very close Granni B...thanks for your hugs and support....

A beautiful photograph of sisterly love. I am sorry for your loss.Marilyn

Skye04 in reply to Marilyn_cbd12

Yes we had lots of 'sisterly love' Marilyn...thank you!

What a strong woman to make that decision. I wish they had that offered in the US.

I’m sorry for your loss. It’s a beautiful picture. You have your memories now to comfort you.

Skye04 in reply to ConcernedEx

Thanks ...have lots of wonderful memories..


Sending love and hugs to all xx

Skye04 in reply to Jimjam22

Thanks so much ....Liz

Beautiful photo of you both and a lovely memory made that day. I'm so sorry your sister was afflicted with this terrible disease. She was a brave lady and is now at peace. Now it's time for you to take care of yourself and grieve your loss in your own way.

Sending lots of love, Nanny857xx

Skye04 in reply to Nanny857

Thanks Nanny 857... I am lucky to have family all around me,,,and also have wonderful memories...

Dear Liz, My deepest sympathy. I admire the strength of your sister and you and the rest of the family., but feel for your loss.Love and peace to you all, Sarah

Skye04 in reply to easterncedar

Thank you Sarah..My sister was indeed a strong woman and wanted to take hold of this disease and made the choice to control at what point enough was enough...A very brave decision...Love and peace to you Sarah...

Sending hugs and wishes for peace in the days ahead as you mourn the loss of you beautiful sister and the joy of happy memories. PatK

Skye04 in reply to ncgardener799

Thanks so much sister was a beautiful person, a social worker who helped many people and was celebrated today with only 10 people allowed at her funeral..but more than 80 people watching on a zoom link!!

Liz, I am so sorry for your loss. What a brave women your sister was. I am glad she is now free from this dread disease, and from being quarantined and unable to see her family and friends. Now you need to take care of yourself. Treat yourself well.



Skye04 in reply to Dickwin

Thank you so much Dick!

So very sorry for your loss, but CBD & PSP are such terrible illnesses and your sister is free from it now even though it is so very hard for you and the family. My husband has PSP and is in care but I feel he has deteriorated partly caused by lockdown and not seeing family & friends & just a progression of the illness. I get an essential visit once a week in his room as he doesn't communicate which makes it very hard. Take care & remember all the good times. Regards Phil x

Skye04 in reply to Caralime

Yes Phil, my sister's decline certainly accelerated during the 'lockdown' ...My sister's Long Term Care facility thankfully allowed 2 'essential visitors' as long as we had a negative COVID test every week..So my BIL and myself were able to visit..but her care was affected because of cut backs of staff etc...She got to the point when she felt she no longer wanted to fight...her mind was clear to make the decision to have an 'assisted death'...I am so sorry your husband is on this journey and also for yourself having to watch him suffer..hugs

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