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Feeling Included


I cannot say enough how happy I am that we made this purchase!! Being able to move mom around the house, and include her in the daily activities of the house is special!! We also do some exercises while she stands —- they should pay me commission for my promotion, but whoever the genius was that thought of this stand assist — I am forever grateful.

One must have upper body strength, and also be able to bare weight on the legs.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying as healthy as possible.



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What a lovely smile your mom has. So good when you find kit that works and enhances life.

Take care and keep safe

Love to you both


bazooka111 in reply to Tippyleaf

Yes, I’m not sure what we would be doing without this ingenious invention!!

M1a2 in reply to bazooka111

What invention

Your mum looks really happy too. xx

bazooka111 in reply to Nanny857

She always has a smile —- I am blessed to have a momma that easy to love!

Think your mum likes it too!!! What a lovely smile.

You have a great rapport with your mum. Know you will be watching her for a change in strength and her ability to stand. I note there is no seat to catch her!

Long may the status quo continue! And it will if she is able to keep being active!

Big hugs!


bazooka111 in reply to honjen43

She loves this stand assist —- do you see the paddles under bottom that holds I her place? It such a secure feeling — we love it!! As long as her leg strength and upper body to pull herself up —- we are golden!! Jen - How are you doing? ((Hugs))

honjen43 in reply to bazooka111

Right! Didn't spot those.

Can't get over that exuberance for life your mum shows despite all the limitations. She is still soooooo enjoying life!

Yes. Am good here in New Zealand. We have our own little "Safe Haven", mostly away from the Corona virus. It rears its head every now and then and we all hold our breath! Have another community case today - but of course it is Friday 13th!

Have been getting out and about and feeling happy and safe most of the time. Have travelled with friends on several day trips walking and coffeeing and been to concerts and lunch gatherings. We all just have to keep 'looking over our shoulder' and remembering to sign in, cleaning and distancing.

So different from the rest of the world!!!!!!

Big hug


bazooka111 in reply to honjen43

So I looked at the picture again, without the booty paddles holding her in place ... it’s a freak out moment looking at that picture! Yikes!

Now .. let’s talk New Zealand...I am envious. I have very good friends, and they have lived their adult life here in the states, raising their 4 children. Up until about two months ago, she called me and said ... I think we are literally going to back to New Zealand and get away from all of this craziness! She and her husband are from NZ ... so they did it! Upon arrival that had to quarantine at a local hotel for 14 days .. it was amazing — she posted daily pictures of their three meals a day, and pre-scheduled for outside 20 minute walks of fresh air —- fenced-in distanced opportunity for family to stop by for a quick hello. Amazing. Meanwhile, back in the USA .... well, turn on the television and watch the circus we have going on here —- insanity.

honjen43 in reply to bazooka111

Pleased your friend was able to get back in. Where is she settling now?

It's getting increasingly difficult as space is limited. Many can't get back. New rule now that you have to have a voucher for quarantine before you book flight - and then airlines change flight and booking then invalid. Not easy and must be very scary and frustrating, and very costly!

We've had all sorts arrive, some who escape, the odd gang member or prison transfer from Oz, and lately lots of Russian fishermen needed to crew our commercial fishing boats!! A good number of them arrived with infection and some of us really wonder WHY they needed to come when there are lots of returning Kiwis who are unable to cos no space.

So far we dont seem to have our seasonal workers from the Islands - or any travel bubbles set up with covid-free islands. We have locals out of work who would be able to do the work - but it is skilled and hard! And our islands, Chathams and Stewart are being well used as holiday destinations.

Suppose it will help the economy in the long run!

There is quite a lot of news space given to the number of Americans who have managed to get here too!

Yes, watch the rest of the word from here and feel I am in a good space!

Thinking of you and all others struggling with life - even before covid made things so much more difficult!!!!! Not to mention politics!!

Big hugs


Glad mum is well, but I think she is asking where you have hidden the wine . Keep safe and happy.

bazooka111 in reply to Javan

Right!!!! Where’s the wine!!!!!

daddyt in reply to bazooka111

It's beside the range (:

Where did you buy this and how much was it?

I bought it online — look up Lumex Stand Assist - it will come right up..$545 ... but afte I bought it and liked it — I bought a second one on Facebook Marketplace for $200 for our summer home

Thanks bszooka111. I’m probably eventually going to need this device to get up safely but not immediately so I’ll see if I can get a used one somewhere like you did the second time!

As long as you have leg strength and upper body to pull yourself up - it is a game changer —- 🙌🏻 good luck!

Do you happen to know if it’s easy to move around on carpets? Mom can still sit in a chair for long hours but she couldn’t get up from bed by herself, occasionally can stand up from toilet seat still, not sure if that counts as having enough upper body strength.

bazooka111 in reply to plieepal

You need one of these —- carpet requires a bit more muscle, but ... we have ordered these rectangular plastic (desk mats) and it works like a dream across carpet —- I can share a link to what we bought if you would like

plieepal in reply to bazooka111

That would be wonderful!! Thank you so much, if this works I can’t wait to have mom back by the dinner table, living room, and just back to my life once more for sometime

bazooka111 in reply to plieepal

Dimex 46"x 60" Clear Rectangle... amazon.com/dp/B073WD3RYZ?re...

bazooka111 in reply to plieepal

Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport Unit, LF1600 amazon.com/dp/B002671WFC/re...

bazooka111 in reply to plieepal

Where do you guys live?

plieepal in reply to bazooka111

We are in the States, Virginia specifically. Thanks for the links for both equipments!

bazooka111 in reply to plieepal

Me too! Ohio! Good luck - keep me posted!

plieepal in reply to bazooka111

Thanks to amazon we got everything delivered today and yesterday (actually they delivered so early in the morning and the package was outside for a while, and my helpful neighbor thought we weren’t home so they temporarily took the package to their garage just to be safe). Well anyways, the installation was a breeze! I’m not very handy and definitely not a body builder, so got a little worried before but this didn’t take long at all!

Thank you so much for helping us out, mom is now able to easily stand up from her transport chair and move around, even “stand” while watching tv.

bazooka111 in reply to plieepal

My heart is incredibly happy right now!!!

How weird!

As I walked back to my bedroom this morning with my early cuppa, I was thinking of how rarely we see posts from the regular names. And, here you are Kim with a lovely picture and news of your Mum, with lovely comments from Tippy, Nanny and Jen.

I'm so pleased to read that your Mum is still able to be included in your family activities.

I suppose that many of us are now on the otherside of this disease.

So keep safe and well and keep on keeping on.



Hi Anne, I was just thinking the same last week. It's almost a year now since you and I lost our loved ones, how are you keeping? Thinking of you.

Lots of love , Marion xx

Hello there

I expect you're the same, up and down and this latest lockdown isn't helping. I'm dreading Christmas as I may not be able to see the family depending on Covid restrictions. But I'm trying to keep on keeping on. Having the lounge revamped starting next week, which will be good.

Keep safe and well

Love n hugs


Yes same for me. It has been such a strange year. I am hoping to spend Christmas with daughter and her family, hopefully Covid doesn't have other ideas. I got the bathroom refurbished in summer and new windows put in a few weeks ago. Decorator coming in 2wks to repaint bedrooms and sunroom (I'm no good with paintbrush) and that is me finished.

Lovely to hear from you. Keep safe and keep keeping on.

Lots of love, Marion xx

Anne!!! I’ve missed connecting with all

Of you!!! Life is a bit nuts — we are self employed, and our business has been so different with Covid — so, my time has been completely consumed with daily care of Mom, and strategizing our next move. I’ve been interviewing some new caregivers, and that’s a job in itself —- I will say all of you have been so instrumental in pushing me to get extra help, and it is the best think I have done —- respite care is my mental health day away ——- so beneficial! I hope you’re doing well ... I’ve missed connecting!! ((Hugs))

Hi Kim,

I know! Isn't it fabulous!

Ian was able to use his for about 6 months before we transitioned to a full hoist, but we should have bought it earlier. It gave us such a sense of liberty and I still try to promote it to everyone who may benefit from one.

Really glad you are enjoying it as much as we did!

Much love,

Juliet x

bazooka111 in reply to JCRy

You are absolutely correct —- I am

Praying that we can use this for a good season of time, and I know that we will

Have to get a full Hoist eventually ... hopefully not anytime soon! This thing has really been so very beneficial, and has added so much to our daily lives. Hope you’re doing welll!

JCRy in reply to bazooka111

Ian is reasonably stable now, after the trauma of his colectomy a couple of months ago where he very nearly left us. His level of care is more intensive now, but his gut is healing well and we adjust once more to our new norm!

All good here.

Big hugs.xx

Hi does it take two to get your mum in the mover?

Actually, it’s just Mom and I - she is able to pull herself right up — her arms are still strong. You may want to pull up a video tutorial on You Tube ... it will demonstrate how easy it really is

My husbands in hospital at the moment(he has PSP) and they say he needs two people to get him up into the mover, wish he could do it with just the two of us, I’m glad your mum can use it anything that helps is a bonus

I’m sorry to hear he is in the hospital, pray for a speedy recovery - such difficult times. There are some days, she is very weak ... and I worry about the day she may not be able to do it ... ((hugs to you))

Lovely photo Kim and good to hear from you. As Anne says we don’t see many comments on this site now. Xx

Hey Anne - I’ve missed being on here — I have been crazy busy with Mom, and life —- I’m sorry to hear that the comments have slowed down ... ((hugs))

Lovely to see your Mum again and the joy she is clearly feeling at being more mobile again around you all. Hope you've both been keeping well.

Also, being nosy here, liking your gourd pots which are perfect for autumn!

Hey hey Doublereeder!! How are you doing? How’s your Mom doing? On this end, well, pictures can be deceiving —- right? This photo I snapped in an instant —- It was our daily ride around the house, and including her in the preparation for some hot potato

soup on an autumn day. She smiled while we were in the kitchen, and I said, Momma let’s take a picture and send it to the family - so they can see you’re back in the kitchen!” —- that brought on a huge smile! So.. I coached on the raising of the arms (which is part of our daily exercise 😊. We are on thickener now, she coughs ALOT and swallowing continues to be an issue. Sleeping during the day more, and her voice is a soft whisper. Speech therapy has been coming into the home, and it is ok, but tends to exhaust her. We are trying hard to capture as much joy as we can, and I am

her comic relief since were stuck at home a lot. One day at a time ...

Hi Kim, I'm sure your family thrilled with the photos. I try and remember to take some of my Mum when I can. Mum's generally ok, thanks, and like your Mum, is now on thickener (goes well in her gin!) and speech is getting harder to understand, playing "hunt the word" more often. Although she throw out Nebuchadnezzar with no trouble in a game of Trivial Pursuit the other month! Like you, if I can make Mum laugh when I see her, it's a good day! Take care, Fiona

Still... that lovely smile. What a wonderful way to begin my morning.

Tim x

bazooka111 in reply to daddyt

I hope you’re doing well Tim!!

daddyt in reply to bazooka111

More and more challenges lately, but still in the battle.

Tim x

The hospital used a Sara Stedy during my husband’s last hospitalization. They wanted to send him to Rehab, but I insisted that he was discharged to home due to COVID-19. They said I needed to get some type of stand assist. Fortunately, he still has upper body strength and can stand with a little assistance. It is a life and back saver! Without it I believe he would be in assisted living and I would be broke down. Our caregiver loves it and has been suggesting it to her clients. A friend saw it and told her sister in another state about it.

She looks great! My husband can not bear weight on his legs without a lot of assistance. It is so sad 😞

Good to hear from you & see your Mum's lovely smile :). Maybe it's something to do with the stand assist but Mum appeared to love being moved round the apartment on hers (not as fancy as yours being a NHS provided one here in the UK) she would have a big grin on her face as she was transported around.

Glad to hear you are getting more help. xxx

It's so good to see your mom enjoying her Lumex stand assist. I know it was a life changer for us too. I told anyone who would listen that it was the best $500 I spent during my husband's illness. It was a sad day when my husband could no longer use it. I hope your mom is able to enjoy hers for a long time.


bazooka111 in reply to racinlady

Hi Pat!!! It was definitely the beat money spent during this season of life for her! No regrets! I hope you are doing well!!!

Thanks for your upbeat post! You are an encouragement!

WOW Kim!!! Thats wonderful! That smiles lights up the room.

I haven't posted much lately, sometimes life just gets in the way of everything. We lost a dear friend to Covid. His wife has it too , but is recovering-we have been friends for over 50 years! MY nephew ( 44 years old) just diagnosed with colon cancer, life just deems to be spinning in never ending circles. We made the tough decision to spend Thanksgiving alone, (covid) just the two of us, its a dramatic shift after 50 years of cooking for 15 + people every year.

Take care all- Ill try to keep posting more often.

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