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Her Eyes Smile


Can you see her smile underneath that mask?

Swallow test success ✅ I have had to cancel the test twice Since March, because they would not allow me to go back with her. Thankfully, some things have changed a little bit —- Last week Mom had a really bad choking episode; it was a pretty traumatic experience for me, I will admit.

Right away I called the Doc, and wanted that swallow test and insight on what changes I needed to make. I have been feeding Mom for over a month or two now, and getting her to take small bites, chew slow, swallow swallow swallow —- and she still has particles in her mouth —- it’s daunting.

Trying my best to keep her eating and drinking safely.

This journey is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone —

And with all that she is going thru, the loss that she has endured the last several years .... she still smiles!

The best smiles reach your eyes!

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

Hope you find a moment of rest, a splash of laughter, and the warmth of a hug (we all need these days).

Still finding slivers of joy as best we can ...

Blessings to you all

xx Kim

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You can always see a smile in the eyes. It's there. ❤️❤️

bazooka111 in reply to georgeg25

Yes, indeed! Hope you’re well!

georgeg25 in reply to bazooka111

Oh you know, as well as can be expected. Stay safe and keep smiling. ❤️

The smile radiates thru it all!!! Have you started thickening her liquids? My husband coughs sometimes when he eats, but less if he drinks sips of thickened water, which I sometime flavor for him as well.

Yes started —- and it is definitely helping. Changing her diet a bit and approaching the chewing and swallowing with a much slower pace. It’s hard to watch this happen.

It is very hard. Someone else had mentioned in previous posts that being sure food has enough "moisture" seems to help. Gravy, Sauce, jelly, anything she likes that adds moisture to food being served. I use applesauce to accompany many of our meals so my husband can add a bit of it to spoonful of food. Also using applesauce for taking medications now, followed by sips of thickened water. He also does better with wide straw for thickened fluids. Smoothies with protein powder has been helpful also.

These are great suggestions thank you

Yes I can see her smile😄

My husband also used to cough a lot when drinking so I added the thicken powder to Nectar consistency. It is helping a lot. His food texture now mechanical soft everything is cut up, soft and added some gravy/sauce to it. His Doctor ordered a speech therapy and it is helping as well. She comes once week so some swallowing techniques, exercises for his esophagus and vocal box and believe I am seeing improvements of his swallowing. I hope this is available to u also coz it does help.

bazooka111 in reply to Ophic76

Speech therapy was also ordered —- so I’m waiting for that to get set up! Hoping it will offer some improvement as well.

I can see her beautiful smile behind the mask. What a wonderful way to start my Sunday morning. I know the coughing problem all to well, there is a flange at the top of the esophagus that can hold residual amounts of food after swallowing. An SLT can give you some swallowing exercises that may help. She/he will probably recommend using sauces, gravy or applesauce for any meat, smaller bite sizes and thickened fluids.

Tim x

Thinking of you both and miss seeing smiles. (Still no luck with fb.) Think of you often as you do your best for your Moma. Sending hugs... Granni B

Beautiful smile!! Sadly my sister doesn't smile anymore or laugh..This isolation period has taken so much from her..The good news is I can go and visit now that I have had a COVID test (negative)!! That's my 'sliver of joy'.... Your mom's smile made me smile too Kim.....Liz

Such a lovely warm smile sending hugs Maggie x

Beautiful smile as always Kim, your mum is amazing despite what she is going through. Thankfully W was able to give a little smile right up to the end.

Add thickening powder to drinks and keep food moist with gravy and sauces. Small spoonfuls and yes it does take a long time. I remember it taking well over an hour to feed W. I had to reheat his dinner several times in the microwave.

Hope you both have as good a week as is possible.

Lots of love, Nanny857xx

A lovely picture of your gorgeous mum xx

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